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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1132912018-02-08 05:32:38Kirn said:

    Only the Brave

    Firefighter movie, telling story of Granite Mountain Hotshots and Yarnell Fire.
    The movie here is told mostly from two perspectives. One is Eric Marsh, leading the crew, and he is a natural choice for a lead character. Another is Brendan McDonough, recovered junkie, for whom joining firemen was what turned his life around. And while second one looks like Hollywood way to treat the story, that part is actually true, and Brendan makes the obvious choice for perspective as he is the survivor of the later tragedy and the one who wrote the book about it.
    Now, the true story site tells that most of the events are pretty accurate. Some characters were changed around, some unneeded dramatization was added towards the end, and other minor Hollywood details. But other than that, this was a municipal-based crew, they did fight those fires, and the final fire story seems to be accurate enough. In fact, this movie doesn't look like fictional firemen movies I saw - in those every fire is like some dramatic event, in this one fire is mostly work. Dangerous, but work. So it is interesting in that regard, and has additional bonus of having true event behind it.