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  1. Confessions

    #1133272018-02-13 20:01:08 *Wolfangle said:

    Making this thread like the series of the venting & happiness thread. I feel like I can't really move on with the bad things in my head, good or bad. It makes sense to just let it out sometimes. And on a personal side, knowing most for you guys for 7 years+ Why shouldn't I be more open than I already am. I'm also gonna say all this with a smile on my face cause although some confessions can be bad, there's always time for improvement!

    So here we go.

    Most people know me as a terrible saver...Spender.. Who cares. Normally I'm fine once I have enough money in my bank account & my serious saving side kicks in like a responsible adult, but with all the unforeseen occurrences in the past few months. It's been rather shit :'D I spend money on people, too much & too often. More like the past few pay checks I've spent almost half to donating to people. Saying this with the shakiness in my hands as I type, I love making people happy or giving them a sudden smile from something unexpected. But it's just ruining me as I do it.

    I feel like it's a sense to cope for the lack of comfort I've felt lately. People pay attention to you when you give them something. But how much of that is actually true or "worth it"? It's more than a bad habit and I'm stupid as fuck :') But nows the time to stop it.

  2. #1133292018-02-14 01:37:02Dio said:

    I guess my confession would be about how I just got appointed to the roll of leadership and I know am not ready for it. For the past 7 years I work this job but I never once thought that I would make it to the spot of leadership. I have tried to avoid this but since my boss just got relocated that put me in charge of every thing here. I've been freaking out ever since not knowing if I'm doing the right thing or not. I just scared that I'm going to ruin the careers of the people around me.

  3. #1133332018-02-14 16:13:59 *Sinthas said:

    Events that play out in my dreams occasionally occur in real life. For years I've had dreams about one of my best friends named "Jack" being in a relationship with a girl I've had a crush on since childhood. The dream always took a long time to shake off after waking up even though neither of them had ever met.

    Today, they're both in love with each other and are together! I currently feel terrible that I ever tried keeping them apart and from ever meeting.

    The nightmare's I experience now! I feel are deserved..

  4. #1133402018-02-17 07:00:06EvoRulz said:

    tfw your 7 year long crush is with the guy of her dreams but it aint you, and you only realise that's the way it is 5 unsuccesful relationships later.

  5. #1133512018-02-18 09:20:42 *EvoRulz said:

    since i was 11 :V

    m o v i n g . o n . i . t h i n k

    edit 3: yer, i'm over it now, we got talking again and i never realised how hostile she is when she speaks about others... .-. guess i was so obsessed i never noticed until my friend pointed it out and i realised it actually hurt

  6. #1133432018-02-17 19:16:32Ka1r05 said:

    Met my old crush today. She was the one who kept warning me about the long-distance relationship I had that didn't end well due to my ex's lack of self-control/unquenchable thirst. I learned that she, i.e. my old in a long-distance relationship.

    I tend to show my disappointment in people in one very simple way, and it's guaranteed to let them know how much they f*cked up: I don't speak to them unless I'm spoken to/interacted with. Pretty obvious given how talkative and animated I tend to be with friends.

    Plus really, she managed to tick me off (ditching me when we agreed to hang out once I've arrived at the meeting place for one, being affectionate one day and suddenly going cold the next, projecting her lust for her big sister's boyfriend's appearance on me which i learned from another friend of ours...). Let someone else handle that panda baggage she has going on.

    I must've been one evil mf in a past life for me to encounter the worst potential love interests (lol) in this timeline. Yeah, maybe I kicked half a dozen puppies off a blimp, cut kitten tails to craft Christmas decor and steamed baby ducklings for Thanksgiving. That's the only explanation for my rotten luck with love.

    As more and more time passes, I realize how...inconvenient an actual love life is. I'm lonely, but at least I'm not pissed off and/or vulnerable. Easing back into a familiar lifestyle is soothing in a sense.

  7. #1133502018-02-18 08:09:10Ka1r05 said:

    Points to @Farris and @DarkChaplain. You're both right on that account and I fully agree. Looking back, it was stupid of me to even allow that to happen.

    Onto today's confession, and it's a more tame on:

    I've been feeling pretty worn out lately. Like, these past few days I just lay in bed thinking "I should do something", "I should draw", "I should game", or even "I should watch some videos"...but a mix of laziness, lack of motivation and the hollow feeling in my chest just ruins it for me. The constant rain and flooding also doesn't help.

    Meh, I feel burnt out. And to think I was just joking about this kind of thing back in highschool. Joke's on me now I'm trying to immerse myself in sleep and music/videos/games/manga to recapture that spark I used to have, oh so long ago.

  8. #1135502018-03-23 08:18:16Milk said:

    I’m worried about how things will turn out after my family and friends find out about me doing my magical boy transformation sequence :3

    Deathly afraid actually. But I know if I don’t do this I may have to face death eventually anyway and it’s better to look fear in the eye and face it instead.

  9. #1136192018-04-01 05:47:56DarkChaplain said:

    My entire face is hurting from laughing so much tonight. My cheeks feel like they're paralyzed right now. Wow. It's so dark and I cannot see.

  10. #1136582018-04-06 11:22:54 *Cyth said:

    I don't want to go to college anymore.

    But I have to fake it til I make it.

    ***I also forgot how this site works so I'm reading guidelines again---

  11. #1152752018-11-22 22:32:42ccc said:

    As much as I seemed to have improved mentally over the years , I revert back and I detach myself from people ,I block off anyone As much as I I like being their for people , I really wish people would be there for me

  12. #1152842018-11-26 01:31:54LunaAezna said:

    Life was like my confession... I used my friend's dolls in my youth and revenge came after a while and nowadays i'm a happy camper becaaus I take my ways too far. -L.