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Parent: [Life] Message to anyone!

  1. #1133302018-02-14 03:29:34Dane said:

    To a few people,

    Can't believe I'm leaving you all temporarily.

    I love you senpi and I wish I could have seen you guys more. Avery scares me but he was really nice to me back then and I feel you've taken on his role. I still respect him for everything and someday I'll show my appreciation. I can't wait to be at your guys' wedding. Also our last hug made me want to cry. Sometimes it really is hard to remember how much you mean to me and how much I matter to you. Good luck in taiwan!!

    We're speaking rn, and I gotta say it brings back a lot of feelings. I thought about you a lot during our time away and I wish we hadn't separated. Anyways, wow this conversation actually went a direction I didn't think was possible. Things are really looking up for us and I'm extremely happy. I feel so hyped and motivated right now. You're just what I needed at this point in time tbh. Ty snacc. I love you and I'm honored to be your valentine. <3