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What anime is everyone watching currently?

  1. #1137492018-04-16 17:50:53shafnat said:

    i hate the fact that i just marathon Darling in the FranXX and it stopped at episode 14 i fuckin h8 ichigo please just die

  2. #1137622018-04-19 03:02:54DarkChaplain said:

    @EvoRulz Because she is forcing her own feelings onto Hiro and everybody else. She is easily manipulated, doesn't realize her partner has been looking out for her all this time and even confessed to her while she keeps trying to meddle with the protagonist who has obviously no feelings of the sort for her, and instead is looking at his own partner. She then messes with his partner right at the critical moment where they needed to talk things through after their traumatic experiences, then forces her own will in getting his partner dismissed from the entire team, still prohibiting her from seeing Hiro, instead going to badly cut him some apples and become a controlling girlfriend figure who won't have no for an answer, then later bullshits Zero Two some more til some other team members speak up, then acts surprised when Zero Two snaps after being a desperate, broken mess for a while already. Heck, she fucking forced a kiss onto Hiro when he was trying to go after his (ex)partner, all while her own partner who loves her dearly is watching.

    Ichigo is incredibly selfish. She thinks she's looking out for Hiro and protecting him, but really, she is suffocating him and denying him his own freedom of choice.

  3. #1137632018-04-19 03:15:15DarkChaplain said:

    Wotakoi episode 1 has been very entertaining for me, so I'll keep watching that. Looking forward to episode 2 tomorrow. Neat comedy, relatable cast.

    Tachibanakan Triangle appears to be a clusterfuck, but I'll stick with it (3 episodes in) due to it being a 3:30m series only anyway. I have no idea if I like it or not at this stage, because it is all over the place and full of cliched characters.

    Fumikiri Jikan was kinda meh after one episode, and then episode 2 was complete and utter shite. Another 3:30m series that had promise going in, but then introduced separate characters the next episode that just don't appeal whatsoever. I mean, there was ZR, but the protagonist boy was just complete and utter garbage and I'd have prefered it had he jumped onto the train tracks instead of monologueing about how ero his crush is for 3 minutes straight.

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These episode 3 was better than the previous two, which wasn't hard I admit. There were no space battles in this one, so less CGI, and they covered the youth of Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis, which also meant Annerose von Grünewald made her debut. Annerose is just as delightful as I remember her from the novels, and probably a bit more appealing than the OVA incarnation (which may have something to do with modern animation techniques allowing for more depth in her movements and tells, but also with the reduced forehead). Annerose was the highlight here for me, but overall it did things well. I don't like the character designs much, but in some scenes Reinhard at least looked more like the Golden Brat he is supposed to be. Too bad they somewhat censored his brawling in this adaptation, by just showing the end of it. Also no scene of him and Kircheis jumping in a well, just, again, the aftermath at home. A pity.

    Still, this may be better the more it focuses on the Space Opera, without the battles. It didn't do that well, and I'm still not convinced by the back-and-forth format, but at least they didn't cut so much of the world building this time. They did rush through the way Arle Heinessen escaped from the Goldenbaum Dynasty, sadly. I was surprised they even mentioned Theoria, though, while not mentioning the Empire's relocation to Odin iirc. Phezzan still hasn't entered the field even in passing mention, but I can deal with that.

    Here's hoping the next episode will actually show Jessica and the Patriotic Knight Corps, and underline what a scumbag Job Trünicht is...

  4. #1137712018-04-20 11:23:39EvoRulz said:



    also i'm watching Yu Yu Hakusho i give both of these a 10/10

  5. #1137912018-04-22 13:42:15 *EvoRulz said:

    just finished the last 5 episodes of Re:Zero, had it on hold bc it got so full of despair ;w;

    but now i give it a 9 or a 10

  6. #1139472018-05-14 16:53:47miako said:

    waiting for the next episode of megalo box, boku no hero academia, devil's line, nanatsu no taizai and steins gate 0! meanwhile, quanzi fanshi

  7. #1140112018-05-24 04:40:14 *Kinnear said:

    This season:

    With Holly: My Hero Academia - As great as the previous seasons have been if not even better. Highly recommend, from someone who barely watches Shonen.

    Steins;Gate 0 - Needs no introduction.

    Hinamatsuri - Watch this, please. Any description would not do it justice. Easily one of the best this season.


    Wataku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Watakoi) - Good show. Dramedy about 4 otaku that work in the same office and are dating each other.

    Gun Gale Online - For what it is, it's a pretty nice show. Don't judge it based on SAO. Different story, different characters. No Kirito.

    MEGALOBOX - It's about boxing with performance enhancing metal arms. Gives off Cowboy Bebop/Samurai Champloo vibes.

    Mahou Shoujo Site - The most disgustingly, disgustingly appaulingly edgy show you will ever see. I love it.

    Comic Girls -Cute girls write manga and live in a house together. 8/10.

    Caligula - Persona-like. Good natured oblivious vocaloid dictator.

    Uma Musume - Horse girls race and are idols. Surprisingly decent.

    Golden Kamuy - Voilent show. Good character development. Grows on you pretty fast.

    Major 2nd - Baseball. Protag can be annoying early on, but not a bad show.

    Akkun to Kanojo (My Sweet Tyrant) -Funny/cute shorts about the relationship between an incredibly nice high school girl and her very, very tsundere boyfriend. Take a half hour and watch these.