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  1. Anime Name Translations

    #1136862018-04-10 11:28:58 *EvoRulz said:

    Okay so while I build up my Japanese vocabulary i notice the running theme for naming anime characters based on their personality or even hair colour, and then again sometimes i learn thing like Hanabi means fireworks and it's like a revelation for me, what are some name translations you've discovered?

    please provide a picture with the character, name the character, provide the translation, and state the translation like so:


    Hanabi means Fireworks!


  2. #1136872018-04-10 11:35:19 *EvoRulz said:


    Ichigo means Strawberry XD


    I found this pretty funny when i found out, because I always thought the Ichi- was something to do with being the 'number 1' hero x,D instead, i'm fairly sure it's just his hair colour haha! Please correct me if i'm wrong, there are many many synonyms in japanese afterall