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Parent: What anime is everyone watching currently?

  1. #1136912018-04-10 12:05:55 *DarkChaplain said:

    Alright, new season, though not everything is out yet. First impressions of what I've watched so far.

    Uma Musume: Pretty Derby was more of a joke download a week or so ago, and since nothing else had aired yet, I watched it with my friend and partner in crime. We haven't laughed as hard in ages, and were honestly impressed with how good this show actually is, three episodes in now. Special Week and Silence Suzuka are going to be a mainstay this season.

    Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online episode 1 was pretty garbage. The show managed to build no tension whatsoever, and the depiction of pink-loli-protag was contradictory at best. First she's the eternal decoy who doesn't even realize she is, cries for help a lot and is constantly amazed by her teammate knowing his shit (as in, basic know-how that others didn't, including "don't stick your head out all the time and stand in plain sight when there's a sniper around" or "don't engage needlessly"), but then in the end she goes full rambo and doesn't suffer even a scratch at close range and unveils her super agility powers. What. I was bored the entire time. The technical stuff would be interesting if it weren't as basic, shallow and bog-standard.

    Darling in the Franxx continues to hit its stride, with episode 13 being the best episode yet. Really well-put, and all the buildup and world shaping really pays off now. Screw the naysayers who got annoyed with the character episodes, they all tie back together to what is going on right now and weren't wasted fluff to begin with. I can't wait to see how this progresses.

    3D Kanojo was cliched in a way, rushed in another, but pretty damn adorable as well. The pilot episode really charged to the main drama point of the series, and while many people decry Iroha as a "slut" because she *gasp* dated guys before (fucking hell MAL has become a shitstain), there's a lot of unexpected nuance in behaviors here that make Iroha a highly intriguing character to me. The art direction also feels very comfortable.

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes meanwhile is in the process of breaking my heart with the masses of mediocre CGI, making it seem like the 2D characters are pasted into a CG world. The pilot episode covered far less than the one of the 80s/90s adaptation did, while also splitting the viewpoints in half, tackling only Reinhard's empire side while keeping Yang Wen-li and the Free Planets Alliance out of the picture. The looped background space battle CGI was atrocious and jarring to watch. On top of that, the character designs feel way off, especially for the younger characters. At least Merkatz looks okay, I guess...

    Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu was hot garbage, though. I did not laugh even once. It was drivel, drivel of the most unfunny sort. I thought only US cartoons could be this dreary. Garbage.

    I'm still planning on watching Nil Admirari no Tenbin, Persona 5, Caligula Effect, Golden Kamuy (which sadly wasn't up early enough last night to catch me before being too tired), and am still watching Beatless and Hugtto! Precure. Probably going to check out some of the other stuff as I go along too.