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Parent: Daily Venting Thread

  1. #1136982018-04-10 19:57:42Wolfangle said:

    I really hate that I have a thing for reading people's emotions from just looking at them. Just a few weeks ago i had an hour long mental breakdown-ish argument with my father among personal issues. Besides that, the change in the people close to me are somewhat gone, and i'd like to think my parents have stopped 'secretly' fighting after years, but they can't fool anyone. Even on a peaceful day like this, where it's been good the past 2 weeks. My brother's heading to Norway to see his girl, I'd assume things could get better. But when you look at their faces and see that there's still tension or the colors, stress, moisture in their eyes. It's like.. You can fix a glass as much as you want with tape and glue. But in the end it's still broken. And you can still be provided by that glass cup. It might be your favorite cup. But eventually you might get cut from a rare edge in someway or another.