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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1137542018-04-17 04:20:33Kirn said:

    The Post (2018)

    This one is about Katharine Graham - woman owning The Washington Post newspaper - and her decision to go ahead with publishing of some closely held government secrets about Vietnam. The newspaper went to court for this, but managed to win the case. There, spoiled it for you.
    So, what is this all about? Now, my usual site for fact-checking says that most of the story is actually true. The Washington Post got their hands on government secret report, and there are a lot of true details thrown into the movie like organizing it all at Bradlee's house, flying papers on the second plane seat, and even Katharine receiving the call while making a party speech. And, of course, the main story is true to the facts - Post got into the game after Times, got to court over it and managed to survive the case while being in the process of becoming publicly traded company, which added some financial stress on the events.
    Specific thing that is pointed out as wrong in this movie is overly evil representation of Nixon, but I think pretty much everyone demonizes Nixon in movies. Also, while now exactly an error, movie concentrates at the Post while their involvement in actual scandal reveal was not all that major - Times were the first to break the story, after all. It is quite possible that the reason for movie's point of view is that Post had female owner at the time, and her struggle is in the center of the movie.
    All in all, not bad picture, detailing scandal during the Nixon administration, that happened even before Watergate, and something I didn't really know off.