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Parent: What anime is everyone watching currently?

  1. #1137622018-04-19 03:02:54DarkChaplain said:

    @EvoRulz Because she is forcing her own feelings onto Hiro and everybody else. She is easily manipulated, doesn't realize her partner has been looking out for her all this time and even confessed to her while she keeps trying to meddle with the protagonist who has obviously no feelings of the sort for her, and instead is looking at his own partner. She then messes with his partner right at the critical moment where they needed to talk things through after their traumatic experiences, then forces her own will in getting his partner dismissed from the entire team, still prohibiting her from seeing Hiro, instead going to badly cut him some apples and become a controlling girlfriend figure who won't have no for an answer, then later bullshits Zero Two some more til some other team members speak up, then acts surprised when Zero Two snaps after being a desperate, broken mess for a while already. Heck, she fucking forced a kiss onto Hiro when he was trying to go after his (ex)partner, all while her own partner who loves her dearly is watching.

    Ichigo is incredibly selfish. She thinks she's looking out for Hiro and protecting him, but really, she is suffocating him and denying him his own freedom of choice.