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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1137872018-04-21 20:06:26Kirn said:

    All the Money in the World (2017)

    Wanted to watch this one for a while. This also have initially been Kevin Spacey movie, but he got involved into scandal, and got replaced with Christopher Plummer. Well, no matter the drama around it, let's look at the drama in the movie.
    Movie makes a point to write, right at the start, that it is inspired by true events. Which is the usual way to say that it's not exactly true to the events themselves. It also makes point to confirm that some events were changed for dramatization. It's a nice touch. Now, I didn't find my usual site article, but here is the Time article comparing the movie and real events. From what it says, we can make some assumptions. Old Getty really was a horrible miser, trying to save money everyone he could, including all legal technicalities he could, and he was prone to collecting a fuckton of art. He also only paid ransom after the ear was send. So we can believe that this character is pretty correct. Chase character is a real person, and he was involved in ransom exchange. And while the starting scene of the kidnapping is somewhat realistic, the rest doesn't seem to follow true events, from start and to conclusion, so I guess that's the part that is the most over-dramatized.
    All in all, the movie is somewhere in the middle in terms of truth - not exactly truthful, but not all that wrong either.