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  1. I Miss You CL...

    #1138292018-05-01 22:35:15 *Rebel said:

    Tag someone whether they be regularly online or never online for the past few days, months, (ban?)....

    Tag that someone and tell them what you missed about them...

    The purpose of this, is just to shout to the void that CL left in all of us of what you missed about users you met on here. Who you may have treasured memories on here with. And also if they happen to log back on they would see it and remember as well... Or just if you missed something about someone they did yesterday lol....

    here's mine I guess .

    @Perrysona I missed trying to figure out what made you awesome.

    @CQkumber I missed how chilled you were and them big meaty eyebrows xD.

  2. #1138342018-05-02 10:47:09 *DarkChaplain said:

    I was so disappointed with this thread when I got out of bed this morning, I never finished writing that this shit was the same as the pinging the dead thread.

    Also the irony that a thread titled "I miss you CL" was made by a person who hasn't logged in in like 6+ months. If you miss it so much, nothing is stopping you from being here.

  3. #1138722018-05-06 23:14:45Rebel said:

    @DarkChaplain I honestly thought you were clever enough to know I did that on purpose...guess age doesn't come with wisdom for you... all you're getting is crankier.

  4. #1138822018-05-07 16:15:50DarkChaplain said:

    I know you did it on purpose. I'm still disappointed that you felt the need to cover it up and covertly insult someone. If I want to call you a retard, I'll just do it, I don't need to edit and rely on email notifications to deliver it. It's just weak, you know? I'd expected that by now, your balls might have dropped, but I was obviously mistaken.

  5. #1138592018-05-05 08:11:06Kirn said:

    he's like missing y'all and you're being assholes as usual haha

    This is what the site is all about and always have been. Noone really gives a fuck beyond the effort of stating how much noone gives a fuck.