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Parent: What anime is everyone watching currently?

  1. #1140112018-05-24 04:40:14 *Kinnear said:

    This season:

    With Holly: My Hero Academia - As great as the previous seasons have been if not even better. Highly recommend, from someone who barely watches Shonen.

    Steins;Gate 0 - Needs no introduction.

    Hinamatsuri - Watch this, please. Any description would not do it justice. Easily one of the best this season.


    Wataku ni Koi wa Muzukashii (Watakoi) - Good show. Dramedy about 4 otaku that work in the same office and are dating each other.

    Gun Gale Online - For what it is, it's a pretty nice show. Don't judge it based on SAO. Different story, different characters. No Kirito.

    MEGALOBOX - It's about boxing with performance enhancing metal arms. Gives off Cowboy Bebop/Samurai Champloo vibes.

    Mahou Shoujo Site - The most disgustingly, disgustingly appaulingly edgy show you will ever see. I love it.

    Comic Girls -Cute girls write manga and live in a house together. 8/10.

    Caligula - Persona-like. Good natured oblivious vocaloid dictator.

    Uma Musume - Horse girls race and are idols. Surprisingly decent.

    Golden Kamuy - Voilent show. Good character development. Grows on you pretty fast.

    Major 2nd - Baseball. Protag can be annoying early on, but not a bad show.

    Akkun to Kanojo (My Sweet Tyrant) -Funny/cute shorts about the relationship between an incredibly nice high school girl and her very, very tsundere boyfriend. Take a half hour and watch these.