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Parent: Summer Plans 2018

  1. #1140142018-05-24 05:37:17 *BakaHime said:

    Today I'm going to the dentist so they can check my teeth. Soon I'll finally become a genuine nerd.

    Other than that I'm gonna do the usual things I do in my life: read the books I have piled up, realize I wasted money buying some of them, cry about it, then proceed to reading manga illegally.

    There's also that occasional travelling to some place because someone in the family has business there and y'know, where one goes, the rest follows.

    My summer's about to end tbh. guess I'll die

    But here are the other dumb things I have to attend to this month, aka my last taste of freedom for 6 months :D :

    • attend bullshit meetings

    • read weird studies

    • prepare for moving out even though it's happening 4 months from now

    • visit friends

    I guess that's it for now. I can't remember if I have any other dumb shit to do but eh when the time comes, I'll just not go.