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Parent: Your Creative Pursuits

  1. #1140222018-05-24 19:13:23shafnat said:

    Ah, DC, it's so nice to see this post! i might bump it a lot. so yeah i guess in here i will share some of my architectural designs recently, as it is a bit weird to post something like my designs into the art thread.


    This is a design contest i (and a team consisting of 3) just participated in. The contest is about to make a space that can reduce people's stress in their daily life, and so we made this thing we call RUANG ANTARA or translated as "THE SPACE BETWEEN"

    Jakarta, as the center government and business has become a very busy town, where the people are used to have a "fast life". Not all people who works in Jakarta also live in Jakarta; they live in the neighbouring city which is actually pretty far, and their mainly used transportation is by the Commuter Line. They go through the commuter line everyday, with tired body, stressed mind, crowded and having no privacy.



    This design is located to be in one of the Commuter Line Station in Bogor, the station that embarks passenger to Jakarta from its neigboring cities. THE SPACE BETWEEN acts as an Emotional Wash, treating people senses to relax as they pass through, just like an automatic car wash. Healing them from their stress, the corridor provides a space where people could take a small mind break as they pass through.

  2. #1140322018-05-26 02:11:33Xyopq said:

    It's a really cool idea. I can imagine walking through there and becoming instantly chill. Is that glass they would be walking on? One thing to consider would be that it would become dirty and scratched over time.

    I also like the waterfalls on either side - very tranquil. Is there much rain in Jakarta?

  3. #1140602018-05-28 17:08:14shafnat said:

    @Xyopq thank you so much! glad you can feel the space only through rendered images. it is glass, yeah. tempered one thick glass. and it's probably right, the maintenance would be very hard indeed, and we haven't thought about that.

    The water walls are yeah, probably like our main idea about chilling people by passing through. Much rain in rainy season, of course. but the existing corridor right now at Bogor station is also an open space like that. so yeah.

    Also, the committee has given us news that our design went in through big 25 out of 100 designs! not yet sure about the exact rank but that relieves us.