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  1. #1140862018-05-31 14:37:40DarkChaplain said:

    All these years later, you're still a stupid cunt. I knew you were dumb, but with every year, it seems to get worse with you.

    At least some years back, you still had something resembling hobbies of your own which weren't focused on making sure your lover, pardon, "fiance", manages to live his life. Fuck, he's a year older than me, still lives at his mom's place, fucked up his second attempt at studying at university out of his own idiocy and got barred from trying again in the future, and he can't even fucking get himself some medicine from the pharmacy without you driving over there and doing it for him? Wanna wipe his ass too, huh? He's never going to put a baby in your oven, you realize that by now, right? He's been holding you off for years on everything. His supposed studies meant he wouldn't work towards moving in together, no offspring, no marriage, not even standing up for you in front of his dear mommy or retarded family.

    You're gonna work yourself to the bone for nothing, not even a thank you. Nah, while you're working on making Christmas presents for him, he's off with his buddies making plans for a weekend and leaving on a Friday you have to work, going to a fucking strip club with them despite your disapproval, and partying while you're at home having to vent to me on the phone because you have literally no other friends of your own.

    You're dumb as bricks. I don't know why I'm even still bothering talking to you on occasion or picking up the phone. Nostalgia maybe? Morbid curiosity about how you got screwed over by work and family again this time? Fucking hell, I should just block your number and delete you off my contacts. You don't even have any creativity to your mind, no abstract thinking skills or even desire. Nothing. You're boring as sin, stupid and won't be getting married or move out before the 20s anyway. Fuck, you could've moved into your own place years ago but despite getting fucking pay raises, you have expectations that pierce the heavens because hurr maybe in a few years you'd want to move into a larger place anyway for a kid and partner. Fuck, you'd be lucky to get pregnant in the first place at this rate. Your ovaries will have died of old age by the time he's ready to commit himself, and even that proposal over the holidays was just pro forma because he couldn't wiggle out of it anymore without looking like even more of an ass. He made a promise he doesn't intend to keep there, at least not in the near future.

    And it isn't like it's the first time you're being led on like this. Heck, almost TEN FUCKING YEARS AGO I had to knock you on your head just so you realized that you were being fucked with by dipshits, cheated on pretty much and treated like garbage. But oh no, that abusive relationship shit is soooo romantic, right? Twilight and 50 Shades really were harmful to your mental development. Fucking hell, you're stupid.

    Have fun waiting. Don't call me. Piss off.