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  1. #1141242018-06-08 10:41:05Shiya said:

    Dear ***,

    You will never read this and I know that, but I will miss you. You left me at the worst time possible over something really stupid. No matter what anyone says there's no way you can "just know" we won't work if you didn't even try or put the effort into it. You have a problem giving up when things get hard, just like the trying to get an internship in the United States and trying to get an internship in Germany. You say the distance doesn't matter and you're wrong about that in my opinion.

    I purposely pushed you away at the end, I'm not going to lie I meant half of what I said. At the time pushing you away was easier for me because you're right I do still want you by my side and yes I would have done anything to make that happen because that's what love is. In the end I guess it didn't really affect you, you instantly changed and deleted every sign of us. If you don't get why that hurts you honestly don't deserve to be in any sort of committed relationship.

    Lastly if you somehow want to be in a relationship you need to talk to your partner more. You have an annoying habit of not telling your partner when something is wrong, so it gets worse. You also need to stop making promises since you break all of them... I hope you really find some sort of happiness someday, but if your idea of giving someone a chance is 2 weeks the odds are against you.

    From someone who cares, Shiya