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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1141882018-06-16 11:16:33 *Kirn said:

    As always, this thread goes to shit without me. Well, here's another quality title.

    You might or might not be familiar with "Stories: The Path of Destinies" game. That one is about going through story, again and again, picking up key information on some routes, that would help you on other routes, eventually getting to the true ending of the whole thing. That, and it's set in a world of human-like animals. Well, Omensight is a game from the same company, and it is a sort of a spiritual successor to the Stories game.

    And I am being literal, when I say 'spiritual', because you play as a spirit in this one. But let's start the story from where it starts - from the end. In the middle of bloody war between Pygarian Empire (ruled by birds, with cats and dogs being middle to low class citizens) and Rodentia clans (mice and bears mostly, but also raccoons and other woodland rabble), the world suddenly ends. Just like that - purple flames of death erupt and giant world-eating wyrm emerges. And that's it, everyone dies. The assumption is, that the cause of this is the recent death of the Priestess Vera, whose soul was safeguarding the world. However, world has more safeguards, and that where you come in - as a protector spirit, the Harbinger. It is your task to repeat the last day of the world, following different characters, gathering more and more insight about what exactly led to these events, and how to stop it.

    The game is basically 3rd person action with roleplaying and quest elements. At the start of the day, you can select one of the main characters, to follow them and see what they did and what was happening. Of course, you being with them changes their course of the day - and even more so when you start gathering solid evidence and - in form of truesight visions of what happened - and start using it not just to follow, but to lead the characters into paths you want to see them take. Eventually, over several iterations, you gather clues, keys and understanding of that whole day, and events before it.

    The game, right at the start, tells you that controller is strongly recommended, and it is true. I play with keyboard and mouse, and it's not the most convenient experience. Especially since the game got quite a lot of action. At first you meet simple enemies that can be clicked to death, but later on you will need to use everything from dodge and magical abilities (including your companion abilities), to environments to survive. Days usually end in a boss battle, which are also pretty difficult, even on normal level.
    To help you go through all that, you gather experience and shards while you travel. Experience levels you up, opening up more abilities, or improving old ones. Shards allow you to buy your own preferred bonuses - it may be more health, more magic power, better sword or even upgrade to companion powers.

    After playing for several hours, I can tell you that I have seen absolutely all locations game has to offer. And also that all locations still hold secrets. And those are some bloody secrets. Much like the game itself - it may be a fantasy about cute anthro animals, but they slaughter and betray each other like there's no tomorrow. Which is literally true. And you add a solid portion of violence to that.
    Characters you follow are on different sides of the conflict and often, joining them, you will have to fight against someone you might have followed previously. And kill them in search of truth. Not only that, after uncovering more clues, you can set allies to go against each other. And since all 4 characters are likeable in their own way, it is bloody brutal to see them kill their friends only to die in the inevitable end of the world.

    I wish I could go in greater details about story, but the story is what it's all about, and I myself am yet to get to its conclusion. I will tell you that it escalates. Even though it's kinda hard to escalate from the end of the world threat. But the story gets the usual detective twists, and switch of the suspects, and it gets darker and more sinister. I honestly hope for happy ending, but at the same time I don't expect it to be all that happy. Not for everyone. Definitely not for everyone...

    Aesthetically game is alright. Graphics are nothing special, and music isn't that memorable, but the setting is pleasing, cute animals and all that, and it feels to me that creators of the game took a lot of Russian cultural inspirations for this title - it really can be seen in some names, clothing and even architecture. Which was really weird to me, but entertaining.

    Definitely recommending this for everyone who loves fast action games and good story.