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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1142122018-06-21 17:31:11Kirn said:

    Haven't seen anything based on true events in a while, and.... my fucking god...

    Death Of Stalin (2017)

    Oh, fuck my life, where do I even begin... While watching this movie, I had really weird feelings. This movie is a caricature, of course, over-exaggerated and grim, both at the same time, of something most of the world have no real idea about. Not only there's a set of propaganda about all that in the west, but there's a whole domestic set of propaganda about it, originating right in Kremlin. So, how do we even know what is true?

    Well, frankly, we don't. Thankfully, the movie is NOT trying to be a true movie. As I said, it is a caricature, which shown characters as extremely over-exaggerated versions of themselves, playing on whatever was known of their personalities. Plus it represents the caricature view of Soviet Union at the time with literally half the country in gulags. This is the setting we are given, and everyone has their own idea of how true or not true that is.

    Now, the disarming thing movie does is throwing some very real events in there. Movie ones with event when the music concert was repeated, after they found out they didn't make a recording, and Stalin wanted one. That fucking happened. Incident with hockey team and a plane? That fucking happened. Note from the pianist? Different text, but kinda happened.
    And while the movie shows its characters plotting in a cartoonish way, events are actually somewhat true, with haphazard scramble for power, army involvement, hasty trial and so on.

    All in all? Grimm comedy of absurd, which, while being utterly ridiculous, throws more facts at you than you may realize. Honestly, this feels like the weirdest movie I seen so far, this year.

  2. #1142162018-06-21 22:00:21Taro_Tanako said:

    This was written by Armando Iannucci who is a well known satirist in the UK. He did Veep and a bunch of other stuff that savagely shows the absurdity of our political classes and powerful people being shits. I think his comedy is pretty awesome really as tedns to frame situations and characters in a ridiculous manner rather than overly exaggerating them.

    Heard a lot of good stuff about The Death of Stalin. Will deffo watch this, although I don't expect to lol so much as cringe a bit and appreciate the insanity and farce of it all.