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  1. Steam Summer Sale 2018!

    #1142132018-06-21 20:58:31Kinnear said:


    The Steam Summer Sale is now underway!

    Please dump any awesome deals you'd like to highlight or games you decide to pick up here.

  2. #1142142018-06-21 21:04:02 *DarkChaplain said:

    There's a fucking clicker game thing this time. No surprise the servers were fucked up for over two hours.

    Some recommendations (click the banners):


    Higurashi's available as individual episodes or in a bundle, and if you own previous episodes, the bundle gets further discounted to account for that. Onikakushi-hen is about 1,50, so pick that up at least.


    Hollow Knight for 10 bucks is incredible. The game's amazing (I need to return for the update dlc content sometime soon) and one of the most atmospheric and intricate metroidvania-y platformers you can get right now. In terms of narrative, it's very much Dark Souls (not because of superficial difficulty, but in terms of world building, character interaction and your place within a fallen world)


    Oxenfree is a weird, dialogue-driven adventure mystery game with quite a lot more to it than it immediately appears. It's great, creepy but fun, with fantastic voice acting.

  3. #1142172018-06-22 00:08:23DarkChaplain said:

    Tomb Raider 2013 is up for 3 bucks, 85% down. For 4,50 you get the Game of the Year edition, which includes all the DLC. The DLC is pretty pointless multiplayer stuff for the most part, but there is one additional Tomb puzzle that unlocks within the game, and costumes that may dress up Lara more practically.

    Personally, I bought those costume packs and the tomb separately, but the price for the full bundle makes that a bit pointless


  4. #1142212018-06-22 04:19:34DarkChaplain said:

    I agree, it's poor. Most discounts are worse than retail, and those that aren't are no better than every other individual sale. Heck, some stuff that was discounted 75%+ recently during Weekend or Daily deals is now at 50% or less, too.

  5. #1142282018-06-22 20:03:01DarkChaplain said:

    @BakaHime Then how about you get yourself a gift card over the course of the next two-ish weeks so you can buy stuff for yourself and as a result unlock your Steam account fully?

  6. #1142732018-07-06 20:02:12Mairu said:

    As Someone who owns all of these, I can say that they are 10/10 Games. The animes of the first two do not compare to the games at all. Heisuke is also best boy in Hakuouki series.


  7. #1142272018-06-22 18:46:11 *--Jack-- said:

    Steam still doesn't have its fucking servers up to where it can handle everyone at the steam sale. Had to restart the client several times just to get the store to even respond, and it still freezes randomly. Simply logging in online at least gives you the option of closing the tab when it breaks.

    Now for some of my recommended games right now:


    https://i.imgur.com/PxSdrNq.png A Hat in Time:

    Solid platformer, collectathon, adorable characters, good story (although short), and pretty mario-galaxy-esque graphics.



    Earth Defense Force:

    Takes all the good things about Starship Troopers and throws it into an anime setting, and then into a fight-the-horde game with giant insects, robots, spaceships, spiders, hornets, more robots, and also giant leviathan bosses sometimes. Upwards of 60-100 weapons for each class that scale in difficulty and stats. 80 missions in the vanilla version of the game. You might think its overpriced at 20$, but its normally 50$, so I highly recommend it. Up to 4 player coop against the invading creatures, and friendly fire is always on.


    https://i.imgur.com/aR7G0BB.png Ruiner:

    Devolver Digital's take on cyberpunk settings, Ruiner is a run and gun, almost-bullet-hell fighter, where you use combinations of dashes, guns, melee attacks, and other perk/skill tree based tactics to cut down enemy after enemy. With the silent protagonist role turned up to 11, and the tropes being piled on, its got an unfortunately short but intense story. Also the difficulty amps up considerably from start to finish. Also has a skillpoint system you can completely switch up at any time, and you get more through out the story to then spend on skills and tactics to assist you in combat. Oh and the soundtrack is perfect for the game.

  8. #1142332018-06-23 07:09:29 *DarkChaplain said:


    Buy the Question Arcs, then Answer Arcs possibly later. The Golden Fantasia fighting game is alright, but not required and the bundle savings for all three are so tiny, you're better off skipping the brawler.


    Do I need to say anything here?


    Make sure to use the community patch mod thingy thing, but at 5 bucks this is hard to pass up on