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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1144892018-08-16 18:42:34Kirn said:


    Alright. This is a quest from Wadjet Eye games, and if you haven't heard of them by now - you don't play quest games. They made Blackwell Chronicles, which I praised around here greatly, and a bunch of other pixel-style quests. With some nice voice-action and developer commentaries, usually. And this one is their latest work.


    So. This one is a supernatural investigation kind of game. The premise is simple enough. You - a nameable protagonist (you can also pick gender this time around) - have been possessed by a blood-thirsty demon about a year ago. Since then you have been on a murderous rampage all over the city, until you were found by New-York branch of Unavowed - a supernatural organization, that protects the mundane world from paranormal buggery. They exorcise demon out of you and, since you are technically innocent, but very wanted by the police, let you join them.


    That is the premise, so let's talk gameplay. Over the course of the game, you will be visiting several distinct places. And when I say distinct - I mean it. There's almost no puzzles in this game that carry over several locations, so every part of New-York you investigate is kind of a separate quest in itself. This actually makes the game easier than you would expect quest to be, because you know that your investigation area is limited. Additionally during the game you won't actually pick up many items. I don't think I ever carried around more than five at a time, towards the end of a game.
    Now, all this makes the game pretty easy. Maybe even too easy at times. Sure, there are places where you might be stuck for a little bit, but overall - you are progressing very fast. It's a neutral point for me, cause there's still some puzzle-solving, but hardcore quest-lovers would probably be disappointed.


    One veryt curious mechanic is companions selection. At the start of the game, you meet two companions - a warrior and a mage, let's say. So your first few areas will be explored with them. But during the game, you will pick up two more, so, when going to the next investigation, you will have to select 2 to take with you. And I believe, at any time one of the original two should be present. This gives some variation during puzzle-solving, because there are things that you cannot do, and then you need your companion skills to help you, and selecting different people will give you different approaches to some stuff. Also, while you walk around, your companions strike up conversations with each other, which is pretty damn endearing. All in all, i wish I could take them all with me at once, cause all main characters you meet there are pretty awesome in their ways. But that's the usual thing for games from Wadjet Eye.


    Story is... well, it's obviously interesting. You live the life of paranormal investigator! And it's high peak of activity in good on NY! So expect to see a lot of weird stuff. The story fits the genre really well, and goes in mostly expected, but enjoyable way.
    Now, the whole cast is voiced except for... your character. Which is actually not true. Yous select things to say, but only other characters are voiced, which changes after a certain plot twist. Which is also not true, at it's not really changes. And yes, I am not making much sense, but I can't go into more detail without spoilers.
    Also, game actually has several endings. Along the way, you will be presented with choices, so you will definitely see the pattern of where it is going, eventually. Your choices will matter in the final location, and then... well, let's say, I am pretty sure I did everything right, and in the end I had a choice of four ending - fucking horrible, really bad, okay and good. I assume, if you don't finish game as successfully, you may get less options. Or maybe not, I am not sure, actually.

    In any case, what the game gives you is satisfying story, which, while being supernatural, is logical, and has a decent twist. Game is simple, but gameplay is present, so it's more quest than, let's say, recent Telltale games. And, of course, if you like pixel-style quests (with actual good art), and/ Wedjet Eye games and their voice-casting - this is definitely for you.