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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1145162018-08-25 07:05:50Kirn said:


    So, this game caught my eye, for one simple fact - it's the same idea as iconic Papers, Please! game. Your job is to stand somewhere and check people's documents and let or not let them in. Now, the twist here is that you are not an official at a single post - you are a bouncer working many different jobs and venues. Plus, this game is much longer and has other elements to it.


    So, we gotta start with a story, which is heavily inspired by Brexit. It's UK, and as Britain Alone movement gains power, people of European descent are losing rights and being relocated and deported. Your character is one of those people - he is born in UK, but has some distant Euro relatives, so he is now treated like trash, having to live in horrible apartment and do jobs for the regime. The game lasts through the ear, and along with some clubbing jobs, you get work from Albion First political party, to guard border, London Wall, election venue and seasonal balls. That, and you will be contacted by local resistance (as cartoonishly inept as the government cartoonishly evil) to try and change the situation. By being a bouncer, yes.


    Now, this is a pretty controversial story idea. Having completed the game, I can tell you, that it's no different from other media where Britain is presented as totalitarian and evil. V for Vendetta is a prime example of that, and let's face it, every country is one wrong election away from shit like that, like Germany back in the last century and like my country right now. And in the game they even throw around words like 'false flag operation', which is extremely heavy topic for my country, again.
    I feel, these days it takes balls to parody stuff like that, and I do hope that the game didn't suffer from people who might have refused it just because of Brexit allusions. I mean, in its core it's the same dystopian story as Papers, Please!, only now we have the actual country names.


    Okay, let's talk gameplay. And there is gameplay! You start off easy. Check Ids, see that no underage people get it. But boy, that escalates quickly. On Id you will eventually need to check age, expiration date, photo, nationality and holographic stamp. In addition to that, some events will have tickets required, so you need to check day and stamp on those. There can be guest list, opening up second line, or VIPs, who need to tell password to enter. When you work government jobs on the border, you will need to check visas and xray them for stamp, and check photos and jobs. You also need to xray people when you think they got concealed item on them. And later in the game you will need to check new social card for their photo, social rating and income. And, motherfucker, it just piles up! Any and all combinations are possible. Oh, and did I mention some places restrict certain clothing? Because they do.


    And also you live the life outside of that main gameplay too. First of all, after doing 3 jobs for the place, you get head bouncer status and, when you next visit, you can get a price. Which you can later give to some of the recurring characters for immediate of future bonus. Also, you get paid for jobs, depending on how well you did, and you need money to pay your bills, and later buy stuff for comfort in your apartment, cause half-way through the game your health will become an issue. You will need to interact with you inspector, neighbor and resistance members. You can buy drugs, identify addicts in the crowd and sell them this stuff, to get some money on the side. And you will need to maintain your own social rating. There really is a lot of elements, and while the game is long, it's exactly long enough to show you all the combinations, but not tire you out completely. And you also gain experience to get a few bouncer tools to speed up the process for you.


    All in all? Worthy successor of Papers, Please! with more to gameplay and expanded story. I will say that there are some bugs, and sometimes your game interface is so cluttered, it gets really inconvenient. Combined with the gameplay requiring you to point out a lot of details in just a few seconds, the game can be frustrating when it goes wrong. However, it mostly goes right if you like that kind of challenge.

    If you ever wanted to NOT let people in somewhere - this is the game for you.