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The Must Watch list (A work in progress)

  1. #147832012-02-27 11:49:45 *Nomi said:

    RAINBOW ~Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin~ (RAINBOW: Seven From Cell 2-6) (Anime) This anime is one of the purest examples of Japanese Furyou (high school delinquent, think 'GTO' and 'Gokusen') drama's. Well planned character development and beautiful artwork but sometimes is a bit grphic; this is important thou as it shows you the reality of post-war Japan, the hars world of prisons and delinquents. [url]ō_no_Shichinin[/url]

    DRUAGA: The Aeges Of Uruk & DRUAGA: The Sword Of Uruk (Anime) A typical adventure story with a hillarious alteration of the 1st episode. It keeps you interested without even knowing it (I remember opening the 4th episode and suddenly I had to load the 2nd season cause i could'nt stop watching!) Again, good character development and good animation. The colours looked a bit bland thou; no exiting contrasting colours. I was not sure if maybe it was a bad download I watched. [url][/url]

    Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls (Warning: echii & harm) (Anime) I like this but for the incredible textures and way this is animated. You can definitely see they put a lot of attention in the look and feel of this anime making it visually pleasing to watch. Only part I didn't like was the panty shots and riped clothing; but then again, this anime was not targeted at girls but guys. [url][/url]

    One Piece (Anime & Manga) I can't believe this has not been mentioned before but One Piece should definitely be on this list! Characters that's easy to relate to and fall in love with; stange people, powers, creatures and places that does not feel out of the ordinary; amazingly imaginative; the animating techniques gets better as animation technology improves but it doesn't lose the original feeling that was intended. The anime is exatly the same as the manga - both for the telling of the story (one or 2parts i know of that has been cut out but it was not imperative to the story line) and the artwork. Also, hardly any fillers; maybe 5-12 fillers max (which is mostly when they travel to the next island) out of 536+ eps The "bad" I can think of that would stop a lot of people from watching is the old animation/art style used during the first half of the anime (it's been going for over 12+ years anyway) and the first 30 episodes which is a bit boring. Another "bad" thing is the 4Kids dub of the anime have left it "broken" which turned a lot of potential viewers away. I recommend watching it in the original Japanese version with the subs. [url][/url]

    Vote's AIE * Baccano (anime) * Bacuman (anime) * Berserk (manga only) * Great Teacher Onizuka (manga only) * Hellsing Ultimate OVA (anime) * Full Metal Alchimist * Death Note

    Vote's NAY * Berserk (anime) * Great Teacher Onizuka (anime)

  2. #312972012-06-28 04:28:04piranaut said:

    I also vote for Baccano as well as FLCL, Mushishi, Full Metal Alchemist(either one is fine by me so why no both :D), the Dragonball series, Darker than Black, the dothack series, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Yuyu Hakushou, Rurouni Kenshin, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akira, something from the Gundam series (I like Unicorn the best right now),Bakemonogatari, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (talk about pretty), Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Gantz, Ghost in the Shell, Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies, Totoro, Gurren Lagan, Kino's Journey, and oh yeah Pokemon(early seasons only). There were probably more I wanted to mention but seeing as my list is already a lot longer than others on here, I'll stop here.

  3. #313062012-06-28 08:19:46 *break said:

    I suggest makign an actual poll instead of just putting in what stuff people post they suppoort, because not everyon reads the full thread and will easily miss that, plus itll put the thread full of doubleposts, ultimately makign it hard and annoying for both the new posters and the ones who have to count the votes.

    as for Anime, i guess i'll suggest

    [C]: The Money of Soul and possiblity Control

    for it shows basic concepts like inflation, gambling, and caring for your "future", as well as gettign lost in a debt spiral, in an entertaining digital fighting-style format which makes it interestign to watch despite the very worldly thematics, which are always there in the background. Also msot of the Characters are likeable and the presentation is unusual and interesting.

  4. #384262012-09-08 01:45:00OneEaredRabbit said:

    Slam Dunk(Anime&Manga):Done by Inoue Takehiko the best basketball anime/manga I've read, it's very funny and you can't help but love the characters. When their playing basketball it doesn't get crazy and it looks and feels like normal basketball. The anime ended half way, but the manga ended fine.

    Vagabond(Manga): Another manga by Inoue Takehiko. A retelling of the life of Miyamoto Mushashi, a great story with great fights, just like Slam Dunk it gives off a sense of reality(imo) that really draws you in.