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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1145392018-08-30 17:09:31Kirn said:

    Alright, had 2 movies, all in the same week. Both based on true tries, but each going for a very different approach.

    Tag (2018)

    So, okay, this is ridiculous, right? Grown up people playing the game of tag for a whole month each year. Well, yes, you are right, it is ridiculous. It also true.
    Now, the usual site states some factual details, and important thing to note right now - movie is not REALLY true. It based on the idea that grown man can keep up such a game, but that's about it. Ridiculous shenanigans, action scenes, happy morals at the end - that's all Hollywood. However, it is based on actual game of such kind.
    The site states that 10 people actually signed a proper legal agreement (there's a full version of it there, read it, it's a delight), after which they proceeded to hunt and tag each other with no geographical restrictions, which kept them all in touch with each other. Kinda amazing, really.

    American Animals (2018)

    This one is a story about 4 college kids somehow decided to just go and steal an extremely expensive book. They were from decent families, with decent life prospects, but they just decided to go for it. Interestingly enough, along the way they just never realized that it's time to stop. In the end everything, of course, went horrible wrong, and they got caught.
    You can read about it in this article on Vanity Fair. Transy Book Heist, it called, that event. And, unlike first movie in this post, this one is pretty accurate. You don't see it in the trailer, but in the movie, they actually intersect it with interviews with actual guys who did this. And movie tends to switch perspective from one to other, depending on who story centers on. So, it's pretty much as true as it can currently be, combining actual facts that can be checked, and memories of perpetrators. With, of course, some uncertain things left in the end, but hey, this one is as close to true story as movies can be.