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Parent: Underrated Anime Series: Series that you thought didn't get enough credit

  1. #1145552018-09-01 13:42:33DarkChaplain said:

    it's basically about csgo

    My heartfelt condolences.

    But eh, after seeing Hinamatsuri earlier this year, I don't think Asobi Asobase can score much in terms of comedy with me. Neither did Chio-chan. I honestly ain't into that type of comedy on display.

    Hanebado! deserving a low score I take issue with. The drama is the point. The character drama is in the foreground, the sport itself is the backdrop in which developments happen. This isn't your regular crappy sports anime about winning tournament after tournament, but about the mental states of the players more than anything. It's about exploring trauma in various ways (Aragaki with her height, Riko with her lack of belief in her own capabilities, Elena with her lack of passion and observer situation, Connie with her abandonment issues, and Hanesaki with her mother issues, obsessive/destructive approach to the sport and what not). It may seem "over the top" to an outsider, but frankly, a lot of it exists in most such clubs and tournament environments. Hanebado! just amplifies it enough to make it worth talking about to an audience.

    If all you're watching it for is bland sports crap with super powered players who enter the zone every other episode and matches lasting multiple episodes in the same way DBZ had planets on a 5 minute countdown to destruction for 10 episodes, then sure, you'll be disappointed. However, you'd be very shallowly looking at it and missing the bigger picture. That's a failure of the viewership, not the series itself.

    As for Harukana Receive, the "Ecchi" tag is pretty much misapplied. Sure, it has chicks on a beach playing volleyball, which comes with swimsuits, butt shots and the likes, and there are a few jokey bits about slapping butts or having to go shopping for new clothes that do the job better while in heavy motion, but it's really not "Ecchi" in the sense that most other shows of that type are. There isn't even a male protagonist to fantasize about the girls in this one. I've seen enough Ecchi shows to know this isn't one of those.

  2. #1158482019-02-26 03:11:07DarkChaplain said:

    @mizlily Yes. Although certain aspects would not make nearly as much sense with male characters. Beach volleyball is predominantly a female sport, for one, and the perspectives on display have a feminine vibe.
    Hanebado! features both male and female characters on the club, but the main duo has on one hand abandoning issues on the motherly end, and the other has a complex over her height, something male characters usually have over being too short.