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Parent: Underrated Anime Series: Series that you thought didn't get enough credit

  1. #1145562018-09-01 15:06:21Kani14 said:

    @DarkChaplain Isn't it spoilers talking about Hanebado like this?


    So don't forget that it is a sports anime at the end of the day and the sport should be the main focus rather than really unrealistic drama in it. I don't like the fact that Ayano can open some beast mode out of no where just for the plot. They bring up her traumatizing background boom she turns super saiyan level OP and rekts everyone.

    That's such a weak plot, I don't want a super op character in a sports anime, but the overall fact that having a traumatizing past and abandoning her mother gave her god like skills. She couldn't 1v2 Connie before but after abandoning her mother she just destroyed Connie in a 1v1 that's so unrealistic and dumb it also makes story linear and predictable. You might say it's an anime 'who cares about realism' but if you make a sports anime it should have some realistic values other than some pointless drama.

    Example of this is Haikyuu, the sports anime done right, Karasuno wasn't invincible neither was anyone in their team, heck Shiratorizawa was op as hell but they still controlled it with Karasuno winning in the end, they controlled the drama properly and was realistic to the sports all the way that was atleast realistic. They had a character which they developed properly, Hinata was short but had a massive jump that was his strong point but overall he was meh but they developed the character getting good over time they showed how he got goog how you get good in sports not like showed some traumatizing past and then he just break blocks everywhere as it happened with Ayano who just go cold eye and butchers Connie, even though she destroyed Ayano 1v2 before. That character development is not pleasant at all.

    Hanebado for me falls flat, the entire concept of drama changing Ayano's personality grinds my gear BUT BUT BUT BUT I still watch it I enjoy it cus I enjoy Badminton, but it's still a 7/10 for me drama is not the problem the way they used it is the actual problem.

    I mean this is not really a topic about bashing on each other and I get what you mean about the characters as they show various traumas but Ayano is not done well. I never really said I wanted a super powered op character and long ass battles so you can't really bring that up and btw I was mocking people who says Harukana Receive is just an Ecchi anime......I like that anime cus it's a good sports anime and it's not at all bad garbage ecchi shit.