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  1. Won't You Be My Neighbor? (documentary)

    #1145942018-09-05 16:30:28Kirn said:

    Haven't watched any documentary in a while. And, honestly, this would be a weird pick for me. I mean, really. All I know about the guy is just a few cultural references... and his theme is definitely not something I am interested in, but... Well, here we go.

    So okay. Let's take a step back and look at this. This guy is ordained minister, he speaks softly, dresses up like a 50-ies pedophile and loves children. All the alarms are ringing now, right? Except, that this is what we now get, jaded with all the information we have. But imagine that this guy is... well, just what he looks like, and doesn't pretend.
    Hm. Honestly, if you want a decent write-up about this movie, go read this article, they make a better case than I would. However, here's what I can say - even though I never really knew who Mr. Rogers was before, although I never had interest in children or children shows, this documentary did get to me. It's slow, it's calm, it's consistent, and it has things that resonated with my own thoughts, memories or experiences. Which is not something I would expect. For me that was already worth it to watch.
    Now, the movie follows the events in a pretty chronological manner - establishing of the show and Mr. Rogers' TV personality, interviews from the cast, some struggles, like with senate hearing, some controversial topics and questions towards the end. It's what you would expect from movie about a person, and it's being carried by that very person. Pace is slow, as I mentioned, but the movie is very deliberate, trying to touch on important things and questions in relation to Mr. Rogers.
    In the end, I started watching it while being very jaded, as I usually am. After I finished, I feel, I was less so. So I would honestly recommend this movie to everyone, no matter if you know the show or not. Even if you might think you don't want to watch this - you actually may change your mind along the way.