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Parent: Underrated Anime Series: Series that you thought didn't get enough credit

  1. #1146032018-09-08 14:23:41BakaHime said:

    Asobi Asobase


    Dunno about Louie but I never see any posts about Asobi other than the occasional obligatory post from crunchy >:(

    but yeah, comedy's amazing. I hate comedy anime but this one was gold. Also, cute girls. :c

  2. #1146122018-09-09 18:32:03Kani14 said:

    @DarkChaplain Isn't it more like, not accepting the fact that people actually like it. Rather than having a solid reason to criticize the show, you criticize the viewer. You like this anime? You are immature and 12 years old. You don't like this anime that I like, that already got a low score it deserves? You are just shallow and don't understand the meaning.

    Oh wait, you are suppose to be hating on everything, go on.

  3. #1148232018-10-06 08:07:29IrawaWeirHolo said:

    If we're talking about underrated animus this season and with a comedy genre, I think Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro tops Asobi Asobase in both being underrated and being a comedy gold.