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Parent: New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1146052018-09-09 10:38:12Pure_Water said:
    Seems I posted my introduction in unright thread. I apologize and wish for your understanding - I'm novice after all.

    Hi-hi! Pure_Water a.k.a. 100% Pure Water greets! I found a link to that site on VK page - don't remember, where. I'm Russian, my English is not very well (it's about B1) - if you're better than me, i'm sorry m(. .)m
    So, basic information:
    + gender - female
    + age, weight, height - it's rude to ask about this, baaaka!
    + hobbies - anime, books, fanfics, internet-surfing
    *** things I like:
    + poems
    + origami
    + honest people
    + cool characters
    + vocaloid
    + smart (okey, don't stupid) humans ((okey, just not-gorillas))
    *** things I dislike:
    + self-hatred
    + conservative worldview
    + any discrimination
    + low-quality NC
    *** interesting about account:
    + my nickname and avatar based on Aoba Kuronuma
    + i don't like Aoba
    + i'm here for chat only

    ***I hope we'll get along!***

    русская версия поста предоставляется по запросу - не хочу тратить время на то, что никто не прочитает