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  1. Guess who's back also important post

    #1146432018-09-18 10:08:50 *Dec said:

    Hello all!

    It's your university educated, new and improved Dec coming here with an important announcement after the chilly 4 years of being banned.

    Lets use this post to share the idealistic thought of making this site great again because if Trump can use a slogan and bullshit his way to the top maybe we can get this place rolling again.

    So lads, whats the plan on getting this site up from ash again. I thought if you had the option to email individuals that are on your friends list when youre active a lot of old members could possibly be notified. Whats your thoughts.

  2. #1146442018-09-18 12:58:53Lieutenant said:

    Had a note about this somewhere in my old hard drive but even I couldn't be bothered to search it up now. Thread needs tag but even you know that.

  3. #1146532018-09-18 17:12:11Lycan said:

    Who's Dec?

    I think there's a big difference between making the site more active and bringing back old users. Chances are that many old users that left left for a reason. If it's an external reason such as work, studies, new hobbies or whatever there ain't much we can do. If there's an internal issue we could try to fix it. But more importantly I think we need to get new members. If you can come up with any ideas for that I'd be interested.

  4. #1146552018-09-18 18:29:47shafnat said:

    Dec helloo! i'm pretty surprised to find your name on the front page. Welcome back!

    Also, talking about bringing CL to be more active, the only idea i could contribute would be just one, i think. I found CL the first time as a forum i feel i can share and ask for criticism to my artworks, and so i guess i can contribute something in it.

    The last calendar project we had was successful, for us, i guess. Eventhough i don't think there was a lot who downloaded it, at least on the process it brought artists of cl to be more active and interacting more to each other.

    For me, it would be great if in the "Art" (which i am talking on here is visual art specifically on drawing) side of cl we have more projects, or probably think of an event on that, i think that could bring artists of cl to be more active, closer, and new artists could be interested to join.

    Just an idea, just an idea.

  5. #1146612018-09-19 09:36:59Dec said:

    Your art has gotten very good! I was looking over at your art from years ago thats still tagged to my facebook so it was amazing to see the progression that you've made in the few years. Congrats!

    Art is a good one since it's what a lot of individuals liking anime like to do. This site was based after an anime after all and is partly the appeal of the website.

  6. #1146662018-09-19 12:42:50shafnat said:

    "art from years ago""tagged to my facebook" that would be very cringy aaaaaah

    But yeah. I will just wait if the staff are up to actualize it. I don't have any right other than to contribute.

  7. #1146582018-09-19 09:32:56Dec said:

    Considering many sites like CL, it is very hard to keep it active as it's not just under one assimilation but considers more homophily in why people here connect, if we could bring there to be more of a shared interest and a common interest it'd last. I think half the reason it's still running is because of nostalgia. Anime people aren't the most social since watching anime is more of an introverted genre.

  8. #1146622018-09-19 09:40:05c1arcy said:

    i just realised that i used big words that might make me seem like i have one more brain cell than normal, if anyone needs help with these concepts dont make me explain SNC theory

  9. #1146762018-09-21 08:52:28Shinrasan said:

    I casually came back after all these years to see if there are any names I still recognize, and bam quite a few on one thread xD <3 lots of love old friends

  10. #1146792018-09-21 09:02:03AnimeShifter said:
    Oh god, it's so weird to see old faces here.
    I also kinda stopped going here and I cannot explain why. I guess it's because the usual band left as well. Every once in a while I poke around but that's it.
    I kinda miss the old days. It's been years though.
  11. #1147282018-09-25 02:33:11 *Rebel said:

    @Dec ..? from that other site that shall not be named by rune ?.... anywhoo... to contribute to this thread I gotta think why i am not active as i used to be... which is... rules are tight... when there were less rules, or more specific, less enforcers with quick reacting. The CL lands were very chaotic yet entertaining... I remembered just waiting all day to hop on here to see what new madness was spewing. There was more freedom in the thread making, people literally posted shit and potential viral memes... Now everything is all buttered biscuit and blocked sugar... cant even squeeze a fart out through these butt tight laws...

    So... i dont think this site will ever get back to it's glory unless like someone did a rune and have like 20 clones. half starting something and the other half against it and everyone picking sides... idk...

    Like trump... he won cause he was more vile and exciting to watch, got you wanting to watch news to see what more crazy shit he said or did... whereas Hillary was a bore...

  12. #1147512018-09-26 11:25:57DarkChaplain said:

    Right, it wasn't at all that Trump was promising to do and change shit that people were pissed off about for a long time, instead of declaring the status quo being great like Hillary, whose corruption was so obvious, nobody wanted her before and not this time either. People wanted Hillary to Pokemon Go fuck herself. They'd have voted for Bernie had his party not decided he wasn't worth it, they wanted Hillary to ride on the "first female president" hype train instead, to which Hillary voters now cry not about her politics but about the lack of symbolic victory for vaginas.

    ffs, Rebel, your sense of politics is severely lacking.

  13. #1147302018-09-25 07:22:01c1arcy said:

    @Rebel is that Rebel?.. The one that brings up unnecessary backlog content from four years ago that isn't hasn't really been a part of my daily fan fair for over 3 and a half years and cannot see the point that a dying site can actually happen as its life cycle as people tend to just get disinterested over all. Also, I'm unsure if you've noticed but the site goes down pretty often, I've been on here as a "banned" member speaking to mods for a few months now. Squeezy clean rules? Nah, more like if people were to describe how laid back this place is, its more horizontal.

    Pinning the blame on whether the site was going flop on someone sorta berates what actually happened. The content was going down, everyone that had originally came to the site was either graduating or moving on in life or literally just growing up. It's a silly assumption to blame it on one person as you have to think on how it's mostly the majority.

    Side note: relating things back to American politics is the worst analogy I've seen it almost made me chuckle. This is a website that sprouted from a fan base who had watched DRRR, got posted on 4chan and the majority of those that did come over 9 years ago have left. Drama happened but that's because it was actively run by teenagers.

  14. #1147492018-09-26 05:16:24 *Rebel said:

    "anywhoo... to contribute to this thread I gotta think why I am not active as i used to be"...


    Instead of wasting your time on my awesome self, contribute to the thread, you rectum lid...

    (also permalink your comment next time... you poser)

  15. #1147532018-09-26 16:06:49Ecstasy said:

    unnecessary backlog content from four years ago

    as if that didn't contribute to the overall decline, which, to be fair, is a drop in the ocean at this point.

    relating things back to American politics is the worst analogy I've seen it almost made me chuckle

    Had a feeling this thread was going to end up this way.

  16. #1147542018-09-26 16:13:22DarkChaplain said:

    Hey, folks, how about we lean back a sec and appreciate what's really important here and in life. Breathe deeply and think of the padoru padorus.