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Parent: Guess who's back also important post

  1. #1146552018-09-18 18:29:47shafnat said:

    Dec helloo! i'm pretty surprised to find your name on the front page. Welcome back!

    Also, talking about bringing CL to be more active, the only idea i could contribute would be just one, i think. I found CL the first time as a forum i feel i can share and ask for criticism to my artworks, and so i guess i can contribute something in it.

    The last calendar project we had was successful, for us, i guess. Eventhough i don't think there was a lot who downloaded it, at least on the process it brought artists of cl to be more active and interacting more to each other.

    For me, it would be great if in the "Art" (which i am talking on here is visual art specifically on drawing) side of cl we have more projects, or probably think of an event on that, i think that could bring artists of cl to be more active, closer, and new artists could be interested to join.

    Just an idea, just an idea.

  2. #1146612018-09-19 09:36:59Dec said:

    Your art has gotten very good! I was looking over at your art from years ago thats still tagged to my facebook so it was amazing to see the progression that you've made in the few years. Congrats!

    Art is a good one since it's what a lot of individuals liking anime like to do. This site was based after an anime after all and is partly the appeal of the website.

  3. #1146662018-09-19 12:42:50shafnat said:

    "art from years ago""tagged to my facebook" that would be very cringy aaaaaah

    But yeah. I will just wait if the staff are up to actualize it. I don't have any right other than to contribute.