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Parent: Guess who's back also important post

  1. #1147282018-09-25 02:33:11 *Rebel said:

    @Dec ..? from that other site that shall not be named by rune ?.... anywhoo... to contribute to this thread I gotta think why i am not active as i used to be... which is... rules are tight... when there were less rules, or more specific, less enforcers with quick reacting. The CL lands were very chaotic yet entertaining... I remembered just waiting all day to hop on here to see what new madness was spewing. There was more freedom in the thread making, people literally posted shit and potential viral memes... Now everything is all buttered biscuit and blocked sugar... cant even squeeze a fart out through these butt tight laws...

    So... i dont think this site will ever get back to it's glory unless like someone did a rune and have like 20 clones. half starting something and the other half against it and everyone picking sides... idk...

    Like trump... he won cause he was more vile and exciting to watch, got you wanting to watch news to see what more crazy shit he said or did... whereas Hillary was a bore...

  2. #1147512018-09-26 11:25:57DarkChaplain said:

    Right, it wasn't at all that Trump was promising to do and change shit that people were pissed off about for a long time, instead of declaring the status quo being great like Hillary, whose corruption was so obvious, nobody wanted her before and not this time either. People wanted Hillary to Pokemon Go fuck herself. They'd have voted for Bernie had his party not decided he wasn't worth it, they wanted Hillary to ride on the "first female president" hype train instead, to which Hillary voters now cry not about her politics but about the lack of symbolic victory for vaginas.

    ffs, Rebel, your sense of politics is severely lacking.