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  1. Cool Places And The Things Inside Them

    #1147672018-09-28 05:21:27 *MarkovAlgeroth said:

    So I live on a 1880s farmhouse built up a mountain by the sea. It's nice and peaceful, but the internet is terrible. The place used to be my Grandparents' farm, but since they died a while ago, first my cousins lived here, now I'm living here. You can see the farmhouse in the background.

    The view from the hills on the property is great, if tiring to get to. I'm told that in a few decades the property will be subdivided between my cousins and my siblings, and I plan on making a house with some actual insulation.

    So these places are cool and I like to show them off. What are some cool places that you know of? Post pics if possible.

    Oh and here's this sweet fucking cow skull I found in some bushes. I'm surprised it still has all it's teeth.