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  1. How would you plan if you knew you were gonna be rich?

    #1148592018-10-15 06:37:50Wolfangle said:

    Being a knowledgeable trader of the stock market & on other sources now, the question sometimes pops into the head when predicting the market for possible gains. But let's say you're like me (or like most of us), nearly dead broke, not living the plans you had for life as days & months go by. But if you cracked the code or had a very high success rate for a breakthrough for riches in instant game in the upcoming months (Let's say by the end of the year).

    How would you prepare? Not asking how you would spend a million dollars. More so of how the events will unfold, whilst putting absolute faith in a hypothesized idea & the days following such outcome.

  2. #1148602018-10-15 11:06:34DarkChaplain said:

    Being a knowledgeable trader of the stock market & on other sources now

    I lol'd.

    Frankly, that "eternal growth" bullshit is the root of a large chunk of modern problems. It ain't working like that. If I'm rich, I don't give a shit about multiplying my riches. Stability is good enough. Nevermind that I'd end up spending shitloads of my riches on others anyway.

  3. #1148742018-10-16 13:02:22shafnat said:

    I really want to build schools at places where educations are really lacking, build hospitals at places where it's really needed, if i were so rich i wouldn't care about the benefit i will earn. I just want to contribute by building facilities as much as possible for humanity and nature. Well, that's what i want to do before i die though.

  4. #1148782018-10-16 15:25:29Kinnear said:

    I'd be a university student for the rest of my life, and take classes exclusively in stuff that interests me. Languages, ancient history, linguistics, space, fiction, etc. Initially I'd also buy two houses: One in Newfoundland and one just outside Tokyo, which I'd use as a winter home so I don't have to deal with Canadian amounts of snow. I'd get vehicles and computers and furniture and anything else I see myself needing in the future, then I'd invest some in some stable high dividend stocks and put the rest in the bank to accumulate interest. I'd also make annual contributions to some worthwhile charities with whatever I don't use in my dividend/interest allowance.

  5. #1148842018-10-17 02:11:40XLuciant said:

    I'm here because youtube has been down for almost an hour now. And no one is here to greet me ;-;

    But Hell if I had a load of money I'd be boring and just buy a Pagani Huayra, live on a beach on the Caribbean. Maybe go invest into cool tech along side with Elon Musk. And would finally stop eating SHITTY PALM OIL FOOODS

  6. #1149142018-10-18 11:42:35DarkChaplain said:

    @shafnat What for? The non-existent development and bugfixing, or the prevention of weekly 2-3 day server downtimes because somebody forgot to flip the switch? Or the constant chat lag, disconnects and kicks people experience? Or the staff tasked with coding a new site, which has not been seen in 15 months? Or the mods that are still credited but haven't logged in in over a year? Or the Forum about 5 people still check every few days, which includes 3 russian/ukrainian spammers for viagra, casinos and... essay help?

    I mean, seriously, at least donate to something functional. Or are you that desperate to be a staff member yourself, that you'd donate 2000 dollars on a terrible Patreon? :^)

  7. #1149192018-10-18 21:43:45shafnat said:

    viagra, casinos and... essay help

    i loled so hard

    Well i'm rich anyway so why not, at least i got a badge for it lmao. Also nah, i'll pass being a staff, seems i wont fit for it.

  8. #1151232018-11-01 14:52:51IrawaWeirHolo said:

    I would like to start building monopoly on agricultural businesses in this shithole country.

    Build dream beach front house for easier access on yatch fishing.

    Build dream my long sought Bianchi set.

    Start my watch and leather collections.

    Books and more books.

    Then die alone because I'm too cynical to trust that someone would actually love me and not because of the wealth I had attained lmao.