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Tell me about your dating life

  1. #1154812019-01-20 05:44:09Kinnear said:

    I've been dating my girlfriend, Holly (Who has a CL account but is not active here) for over 4 years now. I couldn't ask for someone more amazing. She's the light of my life; I love everything about her.

  2. #1154962019-01-21 17:31:58DarkChaplain said:
    1. You're patently wrong
    2. Your expectations are definitely too low if you'll settle for "a ok"
    3. Your taste in waifus is shit anyway

    3D is a relic of a bygone age. It is unnecessary. The future belongs to 2D.

  3. #1155112019-01-23 10:03:30DictatorHilton said:

    Barely a month after making this post I met a guy that I've been seeing ever since. On our second date he brought me chocolate. Tea on the third. I baked him a pie and made us pancakes for breakfast somewhere between then and now. It's all wonderfully domestic when we actually meet. We probably wont last but it has been fun

  4. #1155172019-01-23 10:23:33DictatorHilton said:

    He'll most likely move all the way across the country this fall. And even if he doesn't I have a 1/3 chance of moving for my clinical years. So we're in this for a good time, not a long time

  5. #1155422019-01-27 22:03:13EvoRulz said:

    i almost threw up at the tags but anyway

    my dating life is on hold until someone crosses my path who steals my heart again

  6. #1155972019-02-01 16:05:30DictatorHilton said:

    It’s been a WEEK and another boy is in love (lust) with me. I’m just that wonderful you guys? Apparently he has a girlfriend which could've been nice to know before I let him shove his tongue down my throat twice this week. But further investigation shows that they’re in an open relationship. I wonder if she knows that

  7. #1156032019-02-01 17:01:33DarkChaplain said:

    Took you all of a week to dump the nice guy who made you shit in favor of a cheater while patting yourself on the back for being popular, I see. I do have to wonder, though. If you end up with somebody's tongue in your throat twice within a week of knowing them, before even knowing their relationship status.... aren't you selling yourself a bit too cheaply and easily? I mean, is love that easy come, easy go for you, or is it the feigned adoration that makes it appealing to you?
    I'm honestly curious.

  8. #1156472019-02-06 22:15:25DictatorHilton said:

    Took you all of a week to dump the nice guy blablabla patting yourself on the back for being popular

    Brave of you to assume we’re exclusive in this day and age. I am wonderful (but issa joke pls)

    blabla selling yourself a bit cheap

    I’m in it for a good time. Low investment, high yield

    is love that easy come easy go

    Who said anything about love

    feigned adoration blabla

    I just like making out

  9. #1156522019-02-07 09:05:07DictatorHilton said:

    my hombre, it really doesn't come as a surprise that you can't imagine people not having the same values as you. though you might want to watch out you're starting to sound like an -gasp- incel (are you going to call me roastie??)

  10. #1156562019-02-07 16:07:43 *DarkChaplain said:

    Oh, don't worry about it. It's fine, you do you. I mean, you're a free woman, and if you want to get shagged by constantly changing partners, go for it, get guzzling til you're full. If you get off on it, get off on it.

    But part of the whole "you do you" deal is that you do so despite knowing you'll be judged for it by others, innit? Nevermind that thottery describes that kind of thing to a T. And that's fine, if you're happy with it.
    Just realize that it might not endear you to people outside your niche, or the clubbing scene or what not. But while you preach having different values, you're quick to get offended about people not sharing your own, it seems.

    And please use proper protection. Ain't nobody need more STDs in the world.

    (and I have no idea what you mean by "roastie". Care to explain? I don't speak nincompoop, I'm afraid, and don't live in the US of A, so that MTV shit and ghetto slang passes me by entirely)
  11. #1156172019-02-02 15:04:56 *Rebel said:

    Almost 6 years now... I should be saying "little ups and downs"... but honestly, there's rarely any downs... she's a sweetheart, I'm a stud. I admit when I'm wrong... and got no time to have pride stop me from doing what I should be doing. She knows how to make me happy, I know how to make her happiest. She competes with me to see who could love the other more... she's a cute lil short rebel that isn't afraid to jump and smack me with her baby hands... I haven't proposed yet, but she calls me her husnad and I called her my reason for anything... Welp that's how my love life is thus far...

  12. #1156292019-02-03 07:05:24Kyuuun said:

    I’m pretty single. I don’t think I’m ready enough to be with someone full time since I’m working on having a more stable life but I have fun and I have dates and cute boys who keep me company and are really fun people.

    That being said I miss my last relationship, we broke up because neither of us could handle long distance and neither of us have been in relationships since. I miss him, but it’s better like this for now.

  13. #1156502019-02-07 04:19:12awkwardangels said:

    I've been dating someone for nearly a year since last April now. It started online, and we met up back in June. And now we're living together and things are still great.

    ;w; I'm really happy with him.