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  1. What Are Your Favorite Cutscenes/Moments in Gaming?

    #1149532018-10-21 05:41:50 *--Jack-- said:

    Gaming is fun, yes. Blasting away demons, mutants, zombies, angry children in first person shooters from other countries. But sometimes its not just about the violence, puzzle solving, or the time spent enjoying yourself. Games can tell stories and evoke deep feelings and thoughts from down inside us all. What are some of your favorite cutscenes and moments in gaming? Cinematics too (even trailers, although slap on the wrist for you if they lie about the quality of the game like WatchDogs' E3 trailer did). It doesn't have to be prerendered, or even a good quality scene to be one of your favorites.

    It could be the monorail scene at the start of Half-Life:

    All the way to recent games with totally different graphics. One of my examples would be the opening to MGS Ground Zeroes:

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  2. #1149542018-10-21 10:32:43DarkChaplain said:

    I'd have countless of scenes on offer, but would likely have to record them myself due to a lack of good Youtube versions, or them being so deep in walkthrough videos, it'd be pointless to link the entire thing.

  3. #1149562018-10-21 12:33:16Farris said:

    I fucking LOVE all of the wc3 scenes. Especially Medivh's warning, The destruction of Dalaran, and Arthas' homecoming.

    Gotta love the Red Alert 2 intro cinematic as well. The music is spot on and the visuals are nostalgic as fuck.

  4. #1149592018-10-21 13:50:50 *DarkChaplain said:

    This scene was amazing, especially considering all that led up to it. What a climax to the Dragonsong War it was!

    ....and there's more after, which was absolutely stunning to watch, followed by the expansion's true, final boss: Nidhogg. That particular battle doesn't just have a tough as nails Extreme version, but also some of the best music in the game.

  5. #1149652018-10-22 19:55:46Kirn said:

    DmC 3 of course. And that was just the intro for that motherfucking game. Rest was even more over the top.

    Before everything got ruined by fucking WoW, Warcraft 3 had some great fucking orks. Plus, Blizzard always were making awesome cinematics.

    And then there's Halo. I love first three games of the series equally, but the 2nd one really gets you into epic mood right from the start.

  6. #1149732018-10-23 17:27:05 *Kiboune said:

    Dante and Vergill team up and JACKPOT

    5th opening of PSO2
    and one cutscene from PSO2, from final fight against Mother

    Not cutscene from game, but trailer for gunslinger class in BnS