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Parent: Tell me about your dating life

  1. #1149842018-10-24 16:20:24Sage_Phantomhive said:

    @DarkChaplain You don't know anything about my relationship other than what I said. I've been with him for a long time because I love him as a person. Not because I care that much about my sex life. It's a topic that frustrates me which is why I posted it on this forum. You should have debated with yourself a little longer about posting that.

  2. #1149872018-10-24 17:32:19DictatorHilton said:


    Don't let people shame you for feeling this way. Sexually unfulfilling but loving relationship are a definitely a thing and complicated to deal with. You don't just stop wanting a good dicking just because you're in love with someone who can't give you that

  3. #1149912018-10-24 20:35:40--Jack-- said:

    Sexual incompatibility is a seriously valid issue. Some people suck at it, some people want it more or less than you, and sometimes you aren't compatible with someone else. I got out of my last relationship because I didn't fit with how they were at all. Being single is miles better than living in a constantly unfulfilling slog.