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  1. The Genre of your Life RN

    #1150242018-10-26 03:39:17 *Wolfangle said:

    Where do you see your life right now? I'll admit, I'm only writing this out of the boredom of my night. But if you were to put a genre to your life right now, what would it be? Genres, sub genres, or a mix of most.

    Don't fucking cheat with by saying "Slice of Life" or I'll have to call the goats on you.

    Cyberpunk, as told from a reddit page due to my lazy actions, is: a genre of science fiction and a lawless subculture in an oppressive society dominated by computer technology and big corporations.

    .>Be me

    .>Meme text

    .>PJs still on from day before

    .>Works at home, nearly poor, with high tech techs in my bedroom

    .>Just had spicy ramen & works out when i can afford more food

    The world is constantly evolving around us, tech is modern & stays modern to us. But with a closer look, we'd just seem like a concept image someone had from the 80's/90's minus the flying cars. Dates are planned online. The stock market is now out done by our crypto currencies with laughable trolls online making fun of you for hodling out to the next big thing.

    Our world is run on ideas, and working the system only mentally drains you in the end. Therefore, personally, I feel like this is a world going cyberpunk. Just I'm the dude from Choas;Head in the first episode. And instead of waiting for waifus (doe that would be nice, pls im lonely), I'm waiting for my riches in trading.


    Also if you're not a goat. GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE

  2. #1150252018-10-26 04:37:25Kittycat said:

    I think my life is just some weird sports anime. I mean I'm in class just about as much as they are in those types of shows. :p

  3. #1150522018-10-27 08:15:47IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Okay sheesh. Idk, mild sports, seinen, school life, and ooohhh yeah some drama(not mine tho just cuz I'm always getting caught up with relationshits I never wanted to be part of)

  4. #1157282019-02-10 02:51:05DarkChaplain said:

    Psychological Horror.

    ....WonFes 2019 Winter has kicked off, and I'm staring at ALL THE THINGS while being painfully aware of ALL THE NOTHING in my wallet.