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Parent: Which Games Are You Currently Playing?

  1. #1150742018-10-28 21:52:12--Jack-- said:

    Spiderman PS4

    The mechanics from the older spiderman games are much different to this one, in comparison, but overall Spiderman ps4 gives you more mobility and a smoother way to move through the city. I was hoping it would be good, and luckily I was more than impressed with the graphics quality.


    There's also a totally different "timeline" (because marvel), where a lot of the "typical" things you see in spiderman have a fresh twist. MJ works for the paper, not Parker. J.J Jameson is an online ranting persona not unlike Alex Jones. You tune into his podcast occasionally while swinging around the city to hear his crazy take on the situation, typically trying his hardes to badmouth spiderman, often with things blowing up in his face. Also theres twenty some costumes to unlock, and powers to mix and match with them as you go. One of the first few suits available ends up being the Noir suit, which I like the most, seen below: https://i.imgur.com/joKItyt.jpg

    Also this takes place several years after Peter Parker has left school, and is basically out doing his own thing, working in a lab part time, and helping his aunt may with the F.E.A.S.T project that assists the homeless of newyork, based near chinatown, where Peter's apartment is at the beginning of the game. No origin story. No spider bite. No dead uncle Ben to sit through again. Thank god. That was getting boring to relive in each iteration of spiderman. https://i.imgur.com/TRWrNjH.jpg

    Some things are more restricted compared to past spiderman titles, however. For one, you can't leave manhattan. No statue of liberty for you. No Roosevelt island like in Spiderman 2. Just manhattan. Also the time is not constantly changing from day to night over a half an hour or so. The time of day advances with story missions, and sidequests that mandate a time of day when they take place. There are three periods of the day you end up swinging around in: Noon with clear blue skies, the evening with a bright semi-sunset (seen below), and around 11pm to midnight, where the sky is dark and the city is basically lit up. Important note: when you do complete the story missions, you can go to various locations around the city and change between the time of day at your leisure. https://i.imgur.com/wfZdyKt.jpg

    Overall, I have to say this has been the best open world spiderman game made to date, and I'm happy with what it's been, albeit a bit short for my tastes, but the story has its moments and comes to a close in a satisfying way, despite the 3 or 4 stealth sections where you play as someone that isn't spiderman, but they're really scripted and easy to get through.