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Parent: Your Creative Pursuits

  1. #1151452018-11-03 01:24:12shafnat said:

    Feeling like sharing, this is another design contest i've ever been doing. With a couple of friends.

    Ruang untuk Kita

    "A story about what they deserve."


    The background issue that is being the topic of this design was about disabled people. Those who were disabled with special needs are feeling discriminated because there are boundaries between us and them.We have some kind of "border" that makes we can enjoy some things while they can't, including the beauty of a shore side.


    This space is designed for them who have special needs so they are able to enjoy the atmosphere of the shoreside and to eradicate the boundaries between us and them.


    (TO BE HONEST AND BOLD, we were so out of idea and i came out from a cafe toilet to them and i shouted "EUREKA!". The floor plan looks like dick from above and yes it's inspired of a shape of a dick)



    No stairs, only ramps compatible with all the wheelchair universal standard. A reading space for them who feels like enjoying the beach with books. A long, nice space towards the sea for a nice view, accessible for wheelchair users and elders. A wheelchair friendly ramps to the toilet and also a disabled-friendly toilet configurations.