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  1. Eating Animals (documentary)

    #1153552019-01-06 15:37:30Kirn said:

    Well, site is up - sadly - so let's do a documentary thread, since I just watched another one few days ago.

    This is very clearly a highly critical look at how animals are raised now before they become meat that we eat. Basically, about 'factory' method and about how horrible it is and how much it affects the environment.
    As you can clearly guess, this is very one-sided view, but it's still interesting. Factory method makes money and supplies based on ever growing demand, so it's obviously a very powerful system that's in control of the meat now. And that system is show in all its ugliness, including mutated animals and cruel experiments and pollution. On the other hand we are being shown farmers who still struggle to do things the old way. I actually was impressed with the guy who raises turkeys, as his motivation is literally that if he would stop raising these birds for people to eat, these birds, as they are in nature, would completely die out. It's a nice paradox. Along the way there's also some opinions on how people should re-think their food, and how plant-based 'meat' is a thing.
    Movie, as I said, is very opinionated. That's its whole point - to show how things are bad right now. And it's being narrated by Natalie Portman who sounds super sad and judgemental, which was honestly a big turn off for me. However, they do show the current system, and how it works and what effect it has, and that is very educational from environmental point of view, and also from just knowing what you eat and how it may be created.

    Some might lose taste for meat after this movie. I obviously did not, but fair warning to those of you who are too impressionable.