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  1. CL Update 2019 [Retirement Edition]

    #1154202019-01-14 03:56:58 *--Jack-- said:

    This is mostly a 2 year review and general update on whats happened since the last update.

    I'm Retiring from being an Admin.

    I simply have no reason or desire to be here as an active colorless member. Pretty much every friend I've made here has moved elsewhere or has already left CL. I don't feel like I have enough interest to stimulate a community that simply isn't active.

    The Development Staff

    On top of that, the "Development Staff" has also all but officially left. Numbers officially told me a while back when he'd started ignoring CL more that he was done, and I haven't heard from Neko, but I assume he's off doing his own things in life. It's not like any of us were going to pay them anyway.


    I thought this at the time and still do. Discord is partly why this happened, in a sense. I started using it because it was better than skype, and its also easier to keep up with friends. We have a discord for CL, and no offense to Kinnear, but its pretty weak. A forum community with a chat that's the main attraction also having a discord and an IRC chat. No wonder we've been in a downward spiral of activity since before I was an admin. Also discord servers need colored roles and bots and things to actually get some activity. CL as a forum attracted users because of our chat. It was no secret that less users overall even looked at the forum, let alone posted in it. As time went on we've stretched the amount of space that users can "chat in" while not bothering to attract anyone else.

    General Activity on CL

    This is the part where yet another person says CL is dead. It isn't 100% dead, but it sure as hell isn't able to make lucid decisions from its hospital bed. I took a hiatus and literally ghosted CL for almost a year, and came back to find maybe...10 active members. A third of which are on staff or former staff. There isn't even enough activity to warrant moderation. The month I stopped by to watch and see basically felt like being a toll booth security guard, on duty for an empty road. Nevermind the fact I made a mountain dew badge as a joke for @Mairu just to see how long it would take anyone to notice. I've still yet to hear about it from anyone on staff.

    In the time before my hiatus, we had a small writing project, a movie night almost no one showed for, and a Gifmas thread that was pretty small and unimpressive. Those are just threads I'd made of course, but I didn't exactly see too many others along side them. Then come fall and mid December, someone unplugged CL's potato and it went dead. A couple times. The final time it was said that warlock would "be able to fix it in january". So I went back to whatever it was I was doing instead of being an active member of the community.

    And so, I've been seeing the posts here as the site is back up. Many users probably still don't know. I found out a couple days ago, and that was only because I accidentally clicked on this websites bookmark while attempting to visit a more active, interesting one.

    So that's the brunt of it. @Kinnear & @Lieutenant are doing a pretty solid job from what I see. They're responsible for pretty much all of the flags being handled. One of you will probably end up being asked to be admin. Mairu is pretty busy IRL, and is so busy that she's not even very available on the private discord server just meant for our friends. You're better off assuming she isn't coming back either.

    And good luck figuring out how stickied posts work, because I figured out literally everything in the phpmyadmin database on my own and there really wasn't an explanation. It wasn't too hard, but I was also a CS student at the time.

  2. #1154212019-01-14 05:04:03Lieutenant said:

    Not gonna lie, I don't have any good feedback to type in here. I guess, it's sad to see people like you go. Even I myself am not very active here. Bots are more active than users and I come to this website only to clean them off, just doing my daily swiping job.

    I guess people do move on, and The Colorless.. is just The Colorless. I'm just here if anything, albeit being really busy in real life as well, but I don't forget my place here and what my job is supposed to be.

    Goodluck on your future endeavours and to everyone as well, should they never return to CL.

  3. #1154222019-01-14 05:44:54 *Kinnear said:

    I don't really have much to add either (Other than that I did notice the Mountain Dew Badge, but only 4 or 5 months ago to be fair). The fall in December put the nail in the coffin, and while I do plan to stick around for as long as there's any notable chat activity, I don't think anyone's capable of reviving the site.

    Good luck with life, Jack and anyone else who drops out between now and judgment day.

  4. #1154232019-01-14 06:07:49 *DarkChaplain said:

    No shit, sherlock.

    That being said, there've been a bunch of people who were upset about the site being down for the Holiday Season, which is traditionally one of the most lively on the site, with many returning people all around. Heck, I had TacoTaco message me about it, among others. Shit started to get a bit more active just when those frequent site downtimes began, and then our owner tripped over the server or sth.

    Either way, I'm happy that Jack is being consequent about this now. As I've said many years ago now, already - if you're not invested and have no drive to do your volunteer position nonsense, give it up, pass it on. Without motivation, shit won't work out for anybody involved. Without the capacity to fulfill it, things won't work. Holding on to some random nonsense status badge or colored title (though pretty) is worth jack shit when you don't enjoy the self-inflicted torment.

    I wish more people had the balls to actually say "I don't care anymore, I quit"... and to address some of the reasons why that is.
    I honestly feel bad for Jack here, being basically abandoned in his admin position, having to piece shit together on his own because the owner couldn't even be bothered to visit the site for the better part of a year and only drops in to flip the power switch again after being told that his site was dead a week by somebody on League or Skype or some shit. It really is a pathetic state of things we're left with.

    And since I'm a spiteful bastard who wasted way too much of his time on here over the years, including in administrative positions, to the point of despising a great many people:
    I fucking told you so :^)

  5. #1154242019-01-14 06:32:21 *DarkChaplain said:

    I don't think anyone's capable of reviving the site.

    Not with that attitude there isn't, @Kinnear. Frankly, there are a bunch of ways to attempt it. Some would involve further outreach and pseudo-advertisement, others would be about actually maintaining activity when it happens and channeling it further into forum-based activities, since the forum is the only stable part we've got, with chat's activity being entirely incidental.
    The problem is that we're stuck with the top brass that we got, where social media channels and what not are controlled by somebody who does not give a shit, and hasn't in year. Somebody who has made promises time and again to improve and things shit, and 5 years later we're still riding on insecure http, with many bugs and problems still running rampant from as far back as my admin time. Not even to mention of visual facelifts the site could have had years ago, as staff back then actually proposed.
    There was a lot of engagement within and without staff to improve the site and engage users, but all of it evaporated. A lot of that had to do with being stonewalled by the owner and admin, who was the sole person with server access at the time, and Jack, who finally got server access, got screwed by not being told a thing about it, basically.

    From what I can see, the apathy of the upper echelon has completely eroded the motivation of staff over the years, which in turn reduced stable activity on forum and chat from those who used to be pillars of the community, which in turn led to nobody being the fuck around when new folks joined, prompting them to leave, and only exacerbated problems that existed.

    When the owner of the site doesn't give a shit anymore and can't be bothered to prepare contingencies or - Emperor be damned - FIX THE PROBLEMS when they occur and prevent them from reoccuring all the time - then frankly, it'd probably be best to completely salt the earth and just start over elsewhere with a new site, a fresh identity and learn from the mistakes.
    Though frankly, I'd rather see that avoided and instead get some people who give a damn in to rework the site as it is, without being stonewalled by people who can't even be bothered to follow staff discussions and makes wrong choices left and right, if he even bothers choosing at all.

    Now here's a radical idea: Bring Rune back. At least then we'd have another three dozen alt accounts samefagging on chat to simulate some form of life on the site :^)

    Bottom line is, I believe that CL can be restored to at least decent activity. It was pretty damn good up until around fall 2017, which incidentally was also when certain staff people dropped dead. That people still come and wonder why CL is offline and when it will be back up, and got upset about losing their MeriKuri moments with their chat friends shows to me that, yes, there is a desire among the users to see this site thrive. Hell, I'll even admit to wanting it to succeed myself.

    The question is, will it get the chance to, or be left in the dust to further rot while the site's owner plays more League of Losers? Which kind of brings me back to the initial point: If he doesn't give a fuck and doesn't want to maintain the site, he should pass it the fuck on already, like the numerous admins before him.

    But no, @Kinnear, I don't think anyone would be capable of reviving CL. Because it's not a solo effort. It's not anyone we need look for, but everyone doing their part, instead of relying on powers that be while lamenting the decline of this particular shithole. It's a shithole, but it's a shithole we all have had a part in decorating, and one we all have fond memories of for some reason. Even the Shovelboy, believe it or not. People just aren't coordinated enough to actually break out of their melancholy for long enough to start enjoying this site again like they used to, and the more we all lament, the less incentive is there to spread the word, share the site, or grow our community in other ways. Because at some point, the pathetic state of it all becomes a point of shame, where in the early years, being part of this community was a flag of twisted pride. I'd like to witness those days returning, truth be told.

  6. #1154282019-01-14 17:24:51Kirn said:

    So, first of all...


    Second of all, credit where it's due - I never had any unreasonable shit from Jack, and he was fine admin. Pulling out when you feel you should is reasonable thing to do here. Good luck with whatever you gonna do now.

    On the matter of site... fucking shit, just let the goddamn thing die. I been waiting for its death for years now, and we are as close as we can be. Plus, let's be honest, this site isn't even worth the price being paid for server upkeep. I mean, really, what we got here is about 10 retards on chat, active community of spam-bots, and DC, for whom it's obviously a last place where the fucker can have at least some illusion of self-worth. And as for me - Jack said it right, there's no activity to warrant moderation, so there's no moderation for me to warrant any fucking with the system. Meaning, site lost its usefulness. I really just stay here cause I promised to be here when this place finally goes down, and I am a man of my word.

    So yeah, pull the plug already. Those of you fuckers who want to keep contact already have each other skype and discord contacts for ages now.

  7. #1154332019-01-14 19:57:19Ecstasy said:

    The site barely has a concept so gaining a userbase naturally is near impossible, we get an occasional stray now and then but most people are from the first two waves of users and those people are now 5+ years older with changed interests and less free time while this place hasn't evolved at all. So of course people moved on. The majority of the userbase are also a bunch of fucking weebs not very social, so it's very rare to see somebody come in because a friend recommended the site to them. And we don't maintain any activity on other social media platforms, like twitter for example, so people just forget that CL exists. Blah-blah-blah, this thread is so damn draining I have no energy to finish this post.
    Still, I'm impressed this downward spiral is lasting this long.

  8. #1157632019-02-12 05:45:28Luciase said:

    I can probs try to bring in my twitch viewers and hundred odd guildies from random games I play but again would need active mods and stuff cause a lot of them are trolly trolls

  9. #1158802019-02-27 20:59:06 *Maguro said:

    I love CL, I don't chat much xD... and I'm not as active as I was back in my teens. I love the fact that we can be who we are here and I have a bunch more cheesy things to type but, meh...

    Thank you for your hard work and efforts to keep this site alive up till now.

  10. #1162992019-04-23 00:58:39MightyMiello said:

    I've joined this site under the username AisuPrincess and decided to come back (forgot password but whatever)

    I remember how active this place used to be, it's sad coming back to a dead website...

    It was expected that it was going to die one day but.. I guess I just don't want a piece of my memory disappearing OOFFFFFFF This sucks

    It was a great ride tho, I enjoyed my time here and I am grateful to everyone!! You guys are still the best even after all these years!!!