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CL Update 2019 [Retirement Edition]

  1. #1164382019-06-06 10:52:47Jake said:

    We all had fun in one way or another. It's just a site though Jesus wept. DC crying because nothing is happening but wont do anything else himself as he is just a dog with a bark and no bite. Most of us joined this when we was in out teens. For me it was fun due to it just being a random chat room. Then the forums came and it died. Basically i am saying @DarkChaplain do something other than crying and oh well if the site dies it dies

  2. #1164452019-06-07 07:20:08Kayoma said:

    This is all sad. I'm one of those people who come back here once in a blue moon to randomly talk to people but yeah I think discord is really one of those big reasons people scattered. No the channel specifically but the fact that you can join numerous communities of your liking. People are not inclined to stick to one community anymore. It's like when people went outside and made strong boobs with people outside and now with internet I see less and less people doing the same thing.

    I would really like to see the site flourish again. When I joined it by invitation of @Kiboune I really thought it's something special even though I wasn't engaging much with other people. I just have no idea what steps do we need to do to revive it and if we actually need to do so.

    We could actually try to revive discord and just make an announcement that everything moved here because this is what everyone use now. It would remove need to pay for servers as much as it's needed, will remove need to worry about payments altogether.

  3. #1167932019-09-17 09:22:30 *DevilsDevina said:

    thank you hardworking people who kept the site alive till now.. this was the first online community I've ever joined, and the first place where I revealed stuffs I couldn't irl.. it was fun, thank you

  4. #1187292019-11-15 01:30:00Clever said:

    Well, it was fun guys. I've been among the least active people these last couple years, but still, thanks to the mod team that kept the site alive.

    To those of you that I met along the way, good luck in life. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

  5. #1187352019-11-15 10:37:25DarkChaplain said:

    @Clever To be fair, the mod team crumbled to dust and most of the enlisted staff hasn't actually been participating on the site in ages, even before activity dropped to a bare minimum. Staff died before the community did.

  6. #1189522019-12-06 17:23:43Cloud-VK said:

    Wow, super fucking depressing, I really did love this place for the longest time, so many names and friends I spent hours chatting with. Sad to see it like this, everyone gone. But I guess we all moved on, I hope everyone is doing ... well for the most part. I miss my CL friends.

  7. #1190342019-12-17 16:16:35 *L_E_V said:

    I've never been someone who keeps up with daily forums and such, lets be real,and also being busuy in rl, but it is sad what happened to this website, I'll always remember this site as a good memory in my heart I'll still be here form time to time, even if it just to check out things

    Hope that CL recovers form this!

    Much love from ya girl LEV