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Parent: CL Update 2019 [Retirement Edition]

  1. #1154232019-01-14 06:07:49 *DarkChaplain said:

    No shit, sherlock.

    That being said, there've been a bunch of people who were upset about the site being down for the Holiday Season, which is traditionally one of the most lively on the site, with many returning people all around. Heck, I had TacoTaco message me about it, among others. Shit started to get a bit more active just when those frequent site downtimes began, and then our owner tripped over the server or sth.

    Either way, I'm happy that Jack is being consequent about this now. As I've said many years ago now, already - if you're not invested and have no drive to do your volunteer position nonsense, give it up, pass it on. Without motivation, shit won't work out for anybody involved. Without the capacity to fulfill it, things won't work. Holding on to some random nonsense status badge or colored title (though pretty) is worth jack shit when you don't enjoy the self-inflicted torment.

    I wish more people had the balls to actually say "I don't care anymore, I quit"... and to address some of the reasons why that is.
    I honestly feel bad for Jack here, being basically abandoned in his admin position, having to piece shit together on his own because the owner couldn't even be bothered to visit the site for the better part of a year and only drops in to flip the power switch again after being told that his site was dead a week by somebody on League or Skype or some shit. It really is a pathetic state of things we're left with.

    And since I'm a spiteful bastard who wasted way too much of his time on here over the years, including in administrative positions, to the point of despising a great many people:
    I fucking told you so :^)