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Parent: CL Update 2019 [Retirement Edition]

  1. #1154282019-01-14 17:24:51Kirn said:

    So, first of all...


    Second of all, credit where it's due - I never had any unreasonable shit from Jack, and he was fine admin. Pulling out when you feel you should is reasonable thing to do here. Good luck with whatever you gonna do now.

    On the matter of site... fucking shit, just let the goddamn thing die. I been waiting for its death for years now, and we are as close as we can be. Plus, let's be honest, this site isn't even worth the price being paid for server upkeep. I mean, really, what we got here is about 10 retards on chat, active community of spam-bots, and DC, for whom it's obviously a last place where the fucker can have at least some illusion of self-worth. And as for me - Jack said it right, there's no activity to warrant moderation, so there's no moderation for me to warrant any fucking with the system. Meaning, site lost its usefulness. I really just stay here cause I promised to be here when this place finally goes down, and I am a man of my word.

    So yeah, pull the plug already. Those of you fuckers who want to keep contact already have each other skype and discord contacts for ages now.