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  1. When our parents die

    #1155032019-01-23 06:07:20mizlily said:

    I don’t have to worry about my parents dying since I’m Asian and we don’t raisen. Jokes aside.

    I’m not too sure if it’s just me, when when I was younger I would wake up thinking about what I’d do if my parents died and I’ll just start crying. Tell me I’m not the only one who did this. I use to have vivid dreams about my mothers death and it’ll hurt so bad that I’d wake up crying. Because of this, I know exactly how I’d react if my parents were to die and it scares the hell out of me. I think I’m paranoid

    Do you ever think about death of your loved ones?

  2. #1155062019-01-23 09:30:47Farris said:

    Everyone will die eventually.

    I thought about it a lot as I was a child what would happen if my parents died, and the conclusion was always that I'm lucky enough to have nice relatives which would be able to help me get through it. Also, make fun of it all you want but I hope that I'd be able to see them again after our death.

    I do think about what would happen if my loved ones died, I think the worst case scenario would be the death of either my sister or my brother, as that would be a wound neither I, nor my family would be able to recover from...

    What an incredibly merry thread :)

  3. #1155582019-01-29 06:54:49Zach said:

    My parents are already dead. I didn't have much connections. My loved ones tell me it's not about the time we didn't spend, but about the time we spent. I'd be happy knowing they're safer somewhere else.

  4. #1155632019-01-29 16:09:50shafnat said:

    Somehow, i really kind of surprised to see the title of the thread. Made me realize that i still have my parents. Haven't talked to them for weeks, living alone pretty far away.

    Financially, i still rely to my mom. If she dies, i might be able to make money just for myself. But i always think of my sisters. Somehow being the oldest kid made me feel responsible, eventhough i know i'd still have my father but--- can't rely much on him. Issues. Shit.

    Mentally, i think i am ready if the time has come. But again, my sisters wont. They still live in one bed with my mom while i am so far away in another province.Sadness, of course everyone would be sad when their parents die. But at least, mentally i can keep living on independently. And i keep hoping my sisters would start to grow their independent thing on themselves too soon, because they haven't.

    and real honest, everytime i think about when my parents die, it always come to think of my sisters instead of thinking of "how sad i am gonna be". Gosh, i hope they grow up soon i wont worry about them this much.