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Parent: Are you ever going to get married?

  1. #1155132019-01-23 10:08:09DarkChaplain said:

    Almost went there already, no idea if I care for it now. I'd always figured I'd get it over with by 25 or thereabouts, ready to settle, but life has it's bumps and unpredictabilities.

    I never really cared about the kind of ~grand~ weddings people seem to dream of. Then again, those dreams are usually inspired by silly hollywood movies or general americano-madness. The amount of money and everything US-Americans waste on getting married 5 times in their lives are insane, and all for some pretense of grandeur to family they see once every five years and friends they don't care about even liking shit from on Facebook. It's quite silly.

    So nah, if I get married, it'll be more about the bureaucracy than anything, going to sign the papers, do the vows in front of the legally required witness, maybe close family and closest friends present (read: maybe a dozen people all told), then celebrate in an equally close circle in a way that suits us as the couple.
    Most wedding ceremonies are organized more for the benefit of the audience than the couple these days, and frankly, I reject that. I don't give a damn about the people watching, their expectations or whether they like the food.

    What's up with Americans and their wishes for diamond rings and dresses that will cost them an utter fortune, anyhow? Is that still part of the bygone age where women could afford to stay at home and cook dinner for their husbands while he'd go and earn enough money to pay for them both, a house, and the children, so it was easy to have unrealisticly demanding expectations? Is it simple greed? Is it that whole Credit Card/Debt-based society drivel hollowing out their skulls?

    I don't get it. Ya'll women are way too materialistic. Getting married has always been about the emotional bond to me, not how many grand should be wasted on the ability to brag to screeching harpies in the neighborhood.