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Parent: Are you ever going to get married?

  1. #1155362019-01-27 21:39:17 *EvoRulz said:

    Are you ever going to get married?

    Hope so, but my dream girl has a boyfriend she is thinking of moving in with so who knows now

    Do guys ever think about getting married?

    Yeah, but more specifically about who it's gonna be ever than what the wedding itself would be like. I could care less, if it's the right person. Though, the nicest wedding I've been to was an outdoor one on a grassy clearing. Instead of traditional suits the groom and his men wore dress shirt and pants with suspenders, it had a really rustic feel to it and they guy beamed so bright when she came down the isle, and she was crying joy. Truly a sight to see, i hope it goes something like that for me.

    Neat thread idea btw @mizlily! kudos to you~