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  1. What’s the weirdest thing you have eaten as a kid?

    #1156052019-02-02 03:27:35mizlily said:

    For me it was detergent. So what happened was that when I was little I accidentally spilled a box of detergent on the floor. I didn’t want to get in trouble so I tried to hide it.... and so I thought the next best thing to do was to eat it.

    Man was I stupid

  2. #1157292019-02-10 04:07:59Farris said:

    Seagull poop. I don't recall if I actually ate it, or if my parents stopped me before I had swallowed it. Basically we had these cookies which we call "Måkelort" which translates to "seagull turd", I loved these cookies, and I was not yet able to understand that these two things called by the same name could be so vastly different.

  3. #1159752019-03-09 11:31:47 *Kani14 said:

    Calabash, bitter melon and all the gourd type vegetables, they are the worst, weird tasting yucky vegetables.