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  1. Wage Gap

    #1156062019-02-02 03:51:04mizlily said:

    Can you recall a time when you found out that you were earning more (or less) than your peers? Was the difference in pay justifiable?

    And if not, why do such discrepancies exist?

    I’ve been on both sides and I don’t have a good explanation other than bureaucracy. People generally expect their pay to be based on their level of experience and that is true for the most part, but that can very easily change. For example, if you ask your supervisor for a lower raise compared to a colleague with the experience as you, you’re obviously going to get lower pay.

    One of the reasons why the gender wage gap exist in the US is because women are afraid to ask for higher pay. I believe that when men ask for a raise, they are looking out for themselves. Whereas when women ask for a raise, they are looking out for other people, or being “considerate” of others before themselves.

  2. #1156152019-02-02 08:46:06DarkChaplain said:

    One of the reasons why the gender wage gap exist in the US is

    You mean it doesn't. At least not in the "traditional" sense lamented by fools.

  3. #1156212019-02-02 22:13:00 *DarkChaplain said:

    Ah, yes, the same Vox that has been slandering people for years now, including left-wing online personality Laci Green for daring to associate with conservatives for the purpose of debates, still has a hate-boner against that PewDiePie fellow, claims that Youtube is an alt-right training facility and will throw "white" men under the bus any chance they get, openly discriminating on the basis of race and gender, to the point of wanting to deny males civil rights.

    Yes, that's such a reputable, trustworthy source. I am baffled that anyone would believe anything they claim. It's 2019, for feth's sake.

  4. #1156242019-02-03 01:57:57DarkChaplain said:

    @mizlily You mean the same Harvard that is currently getting sued over racial discrimination against Asian Americans and the likes? With faculty staff that claims things such as these?

    Requiring colleges and universities to evaluate applicants without regard to their race is an attack on education itself.

    The same Harvard that has been disqualifying students for various academic and social programs for daring to join "single-sex social clubs"? Which also didn't do diddly-squat when it affected male students, but the moment it hit feminist groups on campus, that blew up?
    The same Harvard that told female asian speakers to take "free speech" off their event description because it may attract the mythical ~alt right~? The same Harvard whose profs demand racial quotas in education? The same Harvard that would drop already admitted students over Memes? The same Harvard whose president can't decide whether he wants to live in a bubble or expose himself to conservatives with their "hateful ideas"? The same fucking Harvard that told students that "gender" can change on a daily basis? The same Harvard where black students are wishing for white genocide?

    The same fucking Harvard with an annual Feminist Coming Out day?!

    Yeah, totally amazing level of trustworthiness.

  5. #1156352019-02-06 03:10:44BboyNoblesse said:

    If you look at the gender wage gap in gender only, yes there is indeed a gap. However that is misleading. When you look at it from a multivariable standpoint you can see that gender is a small percentage of the reason why the gap exists. When you introduce age, education, experience, etc, it paints a more detailed picture. For example, when women reach the age of 28, they go through a certain life crisis: should I have a kid or focus on my career? Men don't normally need to make that decision as early, since ya know, we dont run out of sperm.

  6. #1156362019-02-06 05:47:24Kittycat said:

    It's not really that misleading though, a lot of the time women just get paid less than their male equivalent in the same position.

  7. #1156402019-02-06 13:49:47Farris said:

    @Kittycat In most civilized countries I've not seen any evidence that a person gets paid less simply because they have a vagina. Sure, that may be the most obvious characteristic of that person, but it doesn't mean that it's the reason for them being paid less.

    Women and men generally act a bit differently, men are generally better at pushing towards higher wages, they take more dangerous jobs, their interests tend to aim towards certain kinds of jobs which pay better.

    I am curious of examples of women who get paid less than men where every factor remains the same except for sex. Also is this part of the system, or simply a few cases which hold true to the claim?