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  1. Am I cancer?

    #1156082019-02-02 04:03:17mizlily said:

    Someone once responded to me saying “time for my daily dose of cancer”

    Am I cancer? What does it mean to be cancer?

  2. #1156132019-02-02 08:39:49DarkChaplain said:

    Making half a dozen potentially incendiary threads on every visit.

    Also, give me a second, I might still have something for you... There!

  3. #1156342019-02-05 20:52:58Lycan said:

    Given that the thread isn't very detailed, it still brings up an interesting topic. First of I'd say we have far more "canserous" users than you, only looking at this thread (not to mention "toxic") and I think the remark against you was both uncallrd for and unnecessary. I'd go so far as to even call it breaking against the site's rules. Check out the very first thing on the list:

    "Respect others within the community. Don't like a user? Ignore em'!"

    Secondly I think making threads is good, but it doesn't necessarily make you a quality user. I hope to see more threads from you mizlily! In fact I'd love to see more threads from everyone, given that they follow the rules of course! Many, like me, feel like the forum is less than interesting and it's honesly nice to see something different for once.

  4. #1156412019-02-06 15:17:36Kirn said:

    "Respect others within the community. Don't like a user? Ignore em'!"

    Which was never followed in 9 years, so go fuck yourself.

  5. #1156432019-02-06 20:55:32DarkChaplain said:

    @Lycan Pup, you know that we, like, have two mods left on this site at all at this point? One of them doesn't actively post here anymore, the other only posts about his private life and says hello. Neither gives a shit.

  6. #1156452019-02-06 22:01:16DictatorHilton said:

    Trash remark from trash individuals? This site literally has like <5 active users, all of whom claim to hate everyone they come in contact with yet jump upon every opportunity they get to actually talk to someone. And being a meanie is a sure way to 1) keep the attention on you, just like every elementary schooler eventually figures out and 2) make sure that no one knows that you actually yearn for human contact

  7. #1156842019-02-09 13:58:12Kinnear said:

    At this point, I must say I appreciate your dedication to creating forum threads. A lot of them are interesting topics and almost no one else, myself included, is putting the work into encouraging forum activity, which is probably the most important aspect of reviving this place now.

    Thanks, @mizlily. :)